Like all massively online games, Pokemon Go has the element of community and connecting players. If you have been playing the GPS enabled treasure hunt mobile phone app, and want to connect to others you need to join a Pokemon Go team. By joining a Pokemon team, you announce an allegiance that can help you level up and build your stable of Pokemon.

If you aren’t sure how to join a Pokemon Go team, not to worry. Today we’ll be covering Pokemon teams by showing you how to join up. Join forces with other Pokemon masters and take charge of the local Pokemon Go gyms in your area.

Pokemon Go team

How To Join a Pokemon Go Team

Play the Game – It seems easy enough to do, but you’ve got to play the game enough to join a team. In order for you to join a Pokemon Go team you need to level up your character. Your Pokemon Go character needs to be at least level 5 to join a new team.

Level Up – By playing Pokemon Go and catching Pokemon, you gain experience. You can also gain experience by visiting Pokestops and battling at Pokemon gyms. When you evolve your captured Pokemon you’ll also be awarded experience. This allows you to level up and become high enough level to join the Pokemon Go team of choice.

Join a team – When you are ready to join a Pokemon Go team, you have a choice between 3 groups. The Pokemon Go team choices are listed below and each team is distinctly different.

The first time you check into your local Pokemon Go gym, the game will prompt you to choose a side. Swear your allegiance to the Pokemon team of your choice to proceed.

Team Instinct – This Pokemon Go team uses yellow as their primary color. This team uses the Pokemon Zapdos bird as its official mascot.

Team Mystic – One of the most popular teams, this team colors are blue and the official mastcot is a Pokemon Articuno bird.

Team Valor – This Pokemon Go team is red for their team color and they claim the Moltres bird as its mascot.

Use these tips to join the Pokemon team of choice, but choose carefully! You won’t be able to switch teams without creating a new profile at this time.

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