Pokemon Go has been a smash success, raking in over a million downloads in just a few days. Lead developer Niantic Labs has created a virtual success with the cell phone game. However it hasn’t been all fun and games, as the launch of Pokemon Go has also had it’s share of bugs. Some of these known Pokemon Go bugs are irritating and some others make the game almost unplayable.

If you are having problems with your Pokemon Go, or it won’t start, check out this list of Pokemon Go bugs. Some of these bugs are being worked on presently by Niantic, as they look to improve Pokemon Go while supporting over 20 million users.

Pokemon Go bugs 1

Common Pokemon Go bugs

  • Game wont start – This is a common problem for Pokemon masters and it’s been around since Day 1. Problems with the servers on Niantic’s side seem to point to the fact that the developer wasn’t ready for the success of the game.
    • When you are having problems signing in, try to reboot your phone. If you’ve created a Pokemon Go account, consider switching to Google Plus account instead.
  • Game freezes when catching Pokemon – Easily one of the most frustrating Pokemon Go bugs, game crashes are still a problem. This bug can be increasingly problematic when you are mobile and connected through 4G, as most users say that the game gets more reliable with a network connection.
  • Game lag – Sometimes the white Pokeball in the upper left hand corner will spin caused by game lag. This lag can stop you from doing anything and will cause you to reboot your Pokemon Go game.
  • Impossible battles – One of the more common Pokemon Go bugs, it can be impossible to beat a gym Pokemon sometimes. This is an error that requires you to restart Pokemon Go. If you come across an enemy gym and you find that the Pokemon is almost impossible to beat, reboot your game.

These are just a handful of the known Pokemon Go bugs that can affect your gameplay. Have any more questions about these bugs or want to learn more about Pokemon Go through our various tips and guides? Subscribe to learn more at PG Den today.