In the latest of Pokemon Go accidents and mishaps, three Pokemon Go players got locked in a cemetery after hours. This unfortunate group of Pokemon players were trapped inside the grounds in a northeastern Pennsylvania cemetery. It’s another Pokemon Go incident that shows some of the pitfalls around hunting for these virtual Pokemon.

According to the police report released to the Times-Tribune of Scranton, the three Pokemon Go players were locked in after dusk. The Pokemon Go players called the police for help after 9:30pm once they realized that they had been trapped inside.

Pokemon Go Players Locked in Cemetary 1

The Pokemon Go game has taken the nation by storm, allowing people to capture virtual Pokemon using their cell phones. It’s innovative approach is wildly addictive, which is raising concern among parents and peace officers alike.

Law enforcement agencies are urging players to take notice of their surroundings. Being more aware of their environment keeps Pokemon Go players safe, and it’s a movement that is growing daily. This kind of public service announcement is helping, but it seems as though there are reports of Pokemon Go accidents daily.

The Dunmore Police Chief went ahead to state that the trio of Pokemon Go players were not going to be charged. Not much else about these three Pokemon masters were released, outside of the fact that one of them was an adult.

All of us have had that embarrassing Pokemon Go accident. You know the time you ran into a pole, or knocked over something while playing your game. It’s one thing to have a small Pokemon Go incident but it’s quite another to get locked into a cemetery of all places.

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