The crazed obsession that is known as Pokemon Go hit full stride last week, resulting in over 20 million users in just over seven days. As the popularity of Pokemon Go continues to rise, there’s been quite a bit of misinformation regarding Pokemon Go privacy. It’s caused a few players and critics to blow the privacy issue out of proportion, and you shouldn’t fall for it.

The issues around Pokemon Go privacy revolve around the rights that the app requests. Last week a researcher found that Niantic Labs the developer of the popular smartphone app had taken over his Google account. In reality however, the application’s permissions were just set incorrectly. Niantic took measures to correct the issue immediately, but it didn’t put the Pokemon Go privacy issue to rest.

Pokemon Go privacy 1

Instead people took to the Internet and began to spread misinformation that caused many to panic. The concerns around Pokemon Go privacy are at an all time high, far after the real issue has already been taken care of.

The smartphone GPS enabled treasure hunt app known as Pokemon Go doesn’t have a true privacy problem however. The blogger that found the Pokemon Go privacy problem claimed that the app took over all control of your Google accounts. The blogger claimed that the app could control and read all of your Gmail and contact information. The news and hype around the Pokemon Go privacy issue even led to Senator Al Franken sending a letter to Niantic Labs themselves.

Pokemon Go privacy 2

However the truth is that this Pokemon Go privacy problem has already been remedied. In reality this kind of permission setting is normal among smartphone applications that connect to your social media.

Still don’t trust the app and want to remove Pokemon Go’s access to your Google? This is easy to do and can be done through your Google settings where you can disable and revoke Pokemon Go permissions. Taking this step will help protect yourself from any Pokemon Go privacy issues and keeps your data safe. For those who have heard about the rumors and problems with the Pokemon Go permissions, you can now relax and get back to catching them all.

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