One of the biggest things that Pokemon Go players want to know is how to properly track Pokemon. The documentation and instructions from Niantic Labs is extremely vague, leaving most Pokemon Go players scratching their heads. If you are trying to figure out how to capture rare Pokemon, or evolve Pokemon, this guide to track Pokemon can help.

These tips will help you translate what you are seeing in your Pokemon Go mini map and track Pokemon that you want. Being able to see which Pokemon are in your area is just one part of the equation. If you are looking for the true way to track Pokemon, use these steps to help you get the job done.

UPDATE – The in-game tracking system was removed in the Pokemon Go update. It’s since returned in the latest update, and is still a work in progress. Check here to learn more.

UPDATE – Watch the all new Pokemon Go tracking system in action here. The three step system is now replaced by a Pokemon locator that shows you which Pokestop they are nearby.

How to track Pokemon

Pokemon in your area – Use your mini map to determine where you are, and which Pokemon are in your area. Pulling up the nearby Pokemon in your area allows you to narrow down what to hunt for.

track pokemon

Select the target – If you see a shaded out area or Pokemon monster, this is an excellent target. Select the target Pokemon that you want to track down to begin.

Count the paws – Once you’ve selected the Pokemon to track down, you’ll see a number of paws next to the name. This is a measurement of how far away the Pokemon is. In order to track Pokemon properly, you can use this number of paws and the radar image above.

Hunting for Pokemon – Now you’ve got to start walking to track Pokemon down. Start walking around and watch the target Pokemon you chose. If the number of paws begins to rise, turn around and start walking the opposite direction.

Once the number of paws becomes 1, you should turn 90 degrees to the left or right. Repeat the directions and walk in that direction until you track down the Pokemon you want.

When you successfully track Pokemon creatures down, you’ll need a Pokeball to catch them. If you have problems capturing the Pokemon, try using a Razz Berry to catch the rare Pokemon. Have any questions on how to track Pokemon? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

UPDATE – Following the latest Pokemon Go update, the tracking system in Pokemon Go has been removed. In a released statement, Niantic Labs promised to work on improving the system for an improved gaming experience. If you need to know how to find Pokemon, you’ll need to rely on a third party Pokemon finder like Poketrail.

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