Pokemon Go is taking over mobile devices around the world, leading to several Pokemon Go accidents. Two men in San Diego joined this unfortunate trend Wednesday. According to reports from San Diego’s North County Fire Department, these two men fell off a cliff while playing “Pokemon Go.”

The Encinitas Fire Department confirmed that the two men had fallen off a cliff at the junction of E Street around 1 in the afternoon. These two men fell over 90 feet down the face of the cliff in the latest of Pokemon Go accidents.

Pokemon Go accidents

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department or SDSO also released a statement regarding the details of the Pokemon Go accidents. The men were 21 and 22 years old, and were believed to have been consuming alcohol at the time of the fall. There are signs posted along E Street informing the public of the unstable cliffside.

Unfortunately for both men involved, there’s little chance that they saw such signs. One of the most important Pokemon Go tips is to stay aware of your environment and where you are walking. After all, it’s hard to stay safe when your eyes are glued to your mobile device.

It’s another unfortunate tale involving the instant smash hit mobile game. Pokemon go accidents have been increasing in regularity, which is a clear sign that people aren’t being careful. What everyone can learn from this cautionary Pokemon Go lesson is that no matter what Pokemon hunt you are on, it’s important to watch where you are going.

With just a little bit more care, everyone can do their part to enjoy Pokemon Go responsibly. Together we can help reduce and eliminate Pokemon Go accidents and keep the game fun and safe for everyone involved. Want to learn more about Pokemon Go and how to play Pokemon Go? Subscribe to Pokemon Go Den today to get the latest in Pokemon news, tips and tricks.