Geodude is a common Pokemon that is popular among Pokemon Go players. This is a rock type Pokemon that is born with a lot of rough edges. As the Pokemon matures, these edges slowly wear away. If you are wondering how to evolve Geodude and level him up for combat, this guide can help.

Hailing from the mountainous region of Kalos, Geodude uses a variety of rock related attacks. This Pokemon is also very solitary by nature. Geodude Pokemon sleeps by digging itself into the ground, where it resembles just another rock.

Geodude uses two primary attacks in battle, the Tackle and the Rock Slide. The Pokemon Go Tackle attack does 12 damage, and Rock Slide does 40. He requires just 25 Geodude candy to evolve Geodude into his next state. Much like other rock type Pokemon, Geodude is extremely tough and durable. When you need to evolve Geodude, you can use this guide to understand more.

evolve Geodude

Once the Geodude is fully matured, he will become almost smooth which is a sure sign of maturity. Once grown Geodude stands at just over a foot tall, and can weigh upwards of 45 lbs.

When you want to evolve Geodude, you will need 25 Geodude candy. Once your Geodude has evolved, you will receive a Graveler Pokemon that is bigger, tougher and battle ready. When you evolve Geodude in Pokemon Go, you will have the perfect weapon to take over any Pokemon Go gym.

How To Evolve Geodude

If you have found a Geodude and have enough candy ( 25 ) you are ready to take the next step. Simply select the Geodude you want to evolve, and choose the EVOLVE option in the Pokemon bio. Once you evolve Geodude, you will get one of the toughest Pokemon Go characters in the form of Graveler.

Geodude also has a third form, known as Golem. Although he is part of Pokemon lore, he’s not found in Pokemon Go as an evolution.

evolve Geodude Graveler

Geodude evolves into Graveler

Graveler changes his attacks to Rock Throw and Stone Edge. The Pokemon Go damage he does increases to 12 for Rock Throw and 55 for Stone Edge. For this primary reason Graveler is one of the best bang for your buck Pokemon Go characters out there.

Once you level up your Graveler properly, you are ready to overtake any rival team Pokemon Go gym. Using Geodude without evolving him isn’t ideal so save up that Geodude candy.

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