Rattata is an alert Pokemon that is at home in almost any environment. This Pokemon is a sharp fighter that’s nimble and makes up in speed what he lacks in power. Rattata is a normal type Pokemon and uses his cunning to evade harm. He’s more than a capable fighter, especially when you learn how to evolve Rattata and dole out punishment in any Pokemon Go gym.

This Pokemon hails from the Kanto region, where thousands of Rattata nests are located. Once fully grown this Pokemon is just about a foot tall and almost never weighs more than 7 or 8 lbs.

evolve Rattata

Rattata utilizes two attacks, in the form of Tackle and Hyper Fang as his primary attacks in combat. Pokemon Go players can find this common Pokemon fairly easily, whether by using a lure or simply hunting for him. Do you need to learn how to evolve Rattata? If so this guide is for you.

Although Rattata is not commonly leveled up for combat, once evolved he’s a much more capable fighter. In order to evolve Rattata, you’ll need just 25 total Rattata candy to do the trick. After you evolve Rattata he will evolve into Raticate, and you’ll be ready for battle.

How To Evolve Rattata

You must acquire 25 candy to evolve Rattata. When you have enough candy in your Pokemon Go inventory, you must select the Rattata you want to evolve. When you have highlighted that Pokemon, you must select the EVOLVE option within the bio page.

After you complete this step, you will evolve Rattata into Raticate. The two primary attacks become Quick Attack and Dig, which do 10 damage and 45 damage respectively.

When you have Raticate properly leveled up, he’ll be ready to train in a Pokemon Go gym. Take out the opposing teams to stake your claim on your local Pokemon Go gym location.

evolve Rattata raticate

Rattata evolves into Raticate

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