Rhyhorn is a tough Pokemon that is common in the mobile game of Pokemon Go. He’s a ground-rock type Pokemon that thrives on it’s brute strength and toughness to get the job done. Rhyhorn is single minded in battle and won’t stop until he’s demolished his competition. When you know how to evolve Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go, you are ready to take on all challengers.

From the Kalos coastal region of Kanto, Rhyhorn is a Spikes Pokemon that relies on two attacks. Mud Slap and Bulldoze are his two primary Pokemon Go attacks. If you aren’t sure how to evolve Rhyhorn, you can use this guide to understand more.

evolve Rhyhorn

Once fully matured, the Rhyhorn Pokemon is roughly 3 feet and 2 inches tall. He’s an extremely heavy Pokemon, tipping the scales at over 250 lbs.

When you want to evolve Rhyhorn, you will need 50 Rhyhorn candy to do so. After you evolve Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go, you will gladly welcome Rhydon into your stable of Pokemon. Of course Rhyhorn also has a third evolved state, where he becomes Rhyperior.

How To Evolve Rhyhorn

You must acquire 50 total candy to evolve Rhyhorn. Once you have enough, highlight the Rhyhorn you want evolved. Now go into the bio of the Pokemon in question and select EVOLVE.

When you do this, your Rhyhorn will become the stronger and much more powerful Rhydon. Rhydon’s attack is a Megahorn, which is an upgraded version of Bulldoze.

evolve Rhyhorn rhydon

Rhydon is a powerful fighter and more than ready to take over any Pokemon Go gym. Train and level up your Rhydon so that the rival teams out there do not stand a chance. You are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Go master once you have Rhydon by your side.

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