So you have joined the party a little late, and you aren’t sure where to start as a Pokemon Go beginner. Although Pokemon Go has quickly become the biggest Android game ever, it’s very vague leaving most first time Pokemon Go players a bit confused. But that’s where Pokemon Go Den comes in, with our comprehensive guide for the Pokemon Go beginner.

This guide helps you understand what Pokemon Go is, how to play it and what to watch for. It’s a great way to get ahead and avoid the Pokemon mistakes that many first time Pokemon masters make. If you have somehow been living under a rock for the past few weeks, no problem we’ve got you covered.

Pokemon Go Beginner Tips

Start now – If you have dreams of becoming a Pokemon master, you’ll need to start playing. This is done by heading to Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the Pokemon Go app. Because it’s gaining in popularity so quickly, you will want to start as soon as possible before you find yourself hopelessly behind.

Pokemon Go is so popular that the daily usage of this app exceeds Twitter, Netflix and Spotify to name a few services out there. In other words, it’s not going away anytime soon, so it’s best to start your journey to becoming a Pokemon hunter now.

How To Sign up for Pokemon Go – In order to play Pokemon Go, you’ll need an account. This account will require you to sign up through Niantic Labs’ servers as a member of the Pokémon Trainer Club or a Google account. Because Niantic is still struggling with capacity for players, a lot of first time Pokemon Go Beginner players opt for Google.

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Meet the Professor – Once you start playing Pokemon Go, you’ll be introduced to the Professor. He’s there to help you master the basics and he is perfect for the Pokemon Go beginner. Start by creating your name and customizing your character.

How to Choose Pokemon – Now you are ready to pick a starter Pokemon. You’ll have the option of choosing between Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. There is a trick for those who desperately want to unlock Pikachu however. If you absolutely want Pikachu to become your first Pokemon, simply walk away from creatures in your mini-map until Pikachu appears.

It’s a small Pokemon Go secret that allows people to pick Pikachu from the get go. It may take a few tries but it’s rewarding once you see that familiar yellow and black Pokemon.

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How To Catch Pokemon – Once you find Pokemon or track Pokemon through your minimap you are ready to catch them. In order to capture Pokemon, you will select the one that appears in your minimap view.

When you do this, your Pokemon Go app will switch to your smartphone camera. The target Pokemon will appear as a transposed image on your camera view. You will use your finger to swipe up or “throw” the Pokeball towards the Pokemon you want to catch.

You can also use this time to take a picture or funny image of your Pokemon before capture. Watch the Pokemon and once the ring around it gets smaller, you are ready to capture it. Throw the Pokeball towards your target Pokemon to catch it. Depending on how well you throw the ball, and the strength of the target Pokemon your attempt to catch it may or may not succeed.

The circle around your target Pokemon may also change color to indicate the difficulty. Rare or Legendary Pokemon will be harder to capture than common ones. You can also use items like the Razz Berry to make it easier to capture your Pokemon.

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How To Find Pokemon – The main screen in Pokemon Go is the map view, which will show your position in real time. While the GPS signal isn’t always accurate, it’s an excellent way to find the Pokemon you want.

You can also use the nearby Pokemon list to see what creatures are around you. Using this screen you can learn how to properly track Pokemon in Pokemon Go. To see what Pokemon are near you, click on the button in the lower right hand corner.

This should bring up a list of nearby Pokemon that you can hunt for. There are footprints underneath each monster to show how close or far they are from your position. If there are no footprints, this means that the target Pokemon is close enough to catch already. If you see a Pokemon silhouette, it means that you haven’t discovered the Pokemon just yet.

Types of Pokemon – There are different types of Pokemon monsters, which dictate powers and fighting ability. Some of the more common types include water type, electric type, fire type and grass type Pokemons. Depending on your location this will also change the types of Pokemon that appear.

For instance being nearby water will bring more water type Pokemon. Being in a field or park will result in more grass type Pokemon to catch. If you are a Pokemon beginner, try experimenting with hunting areas to get different results. You can also use incense to attract and draw nearby Pokemon to your area.

Level up your Pokemon – Catching Pokemon is just one part of learning how to play Pokemon Go. You must level up your Pokemon to prepare them for battle. By using Stardust as well as candy, you can level up your Pokemon and even evolve them.

Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go has a rating called Combat Points. This value determines how well your Pokemon are in battle. You can increase Combat Points by leveling up your Pokemon. The higher your CP, the greater the chance of success in battle.

How to Evolve Pokemon – This is done by using candy to change the base appearance and powers of your Pokemon. You can acquire candy by leveling up, using Pokestops or transferring Pokemon to the Professor.

Once you have enough candy of the specific Pokemon in question, you can evolve them. For instance you can transform Charmander into the powerful Charizard if you have enough candy. For this simple reason, it’s a good idea to stay stocked with Pokeballs and capture all the Pokemon you come across, even weaker ones.’

Check Pokestops for Lures – Pokestops are the blue icons that allow you to unlock items and Pokeballs. However it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for lures in use at these Pokestops. This is shown by swirling flower petals around the Pokestop near you.

If you are nearby a Pokestop and see these flower petals around, it means there’s a lure in action. These Lure Modules can be purchased or acquired, and when used at a Pokestop they attract more Pokemon. When you see these purple flower petals surrounding a Pokestop, head over to that location to uncover rare Pokemon.

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Battle at Pokemon Go Gyms – As a Pokemon Go beginner, it’s going to take some time to reach level 5. Once you do however the next stage of gameplay is where most players enjoy their time. Once you have reached level 5 as a Pokemon Go beginner, you can join a team.

These teams are broken up into three factions and colors. Valor is red, Mystic is blue and Instinct is yellow. Each team has a different team Pokemon, and it’s usually best to see which team is strongest in your area before choosing.

Once you are part of a Pokemon Go team, you can participate in Pokemon gym battles. When you come across a gym that’s being controlled by an opposing team, you can choose to spar with that Pokemon. If you happen to defeat the defenders of that Pokemon Go gym, your team will take control. So long as you maintain control of that location, you will continue to get rewards that you can use to upgrade your Pokemon.

How To Battle – Learning how to fight is an important step for any Pokemon Go beginner. When you enter an arena or gym, your Pokemons come to do battle. To perform a simple attack, tap your Pokemon quickly. When you want to execute a special attack or ability, press down on your Pokemon for a longer period of time.

Evading your opponent is done by swiping left or right to avoid their attacks. If your Pokemon has lower Combat Points than your opponent, chances are you may lose the battle. When you reduce your enemy Pokemon Hit Points to zero, you will win the battle. You can also use special items to revive or restore health to your Pokemon after battle.

Pokemon Go Store – Many Pokemon Go beginner players like to visit the store and buy items before they get started, but it’s not needed. You can purchase items like Pokeballs, Lures and Egg Incubators. Although it may seem as though the store is there to help, there’s no real reason to buy any item unless you are non stop hunting.

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