Ponyta is a colorful Pokemon that is very common in Pokemon Go. Much like a pony would, Ponyta has a rough time standing at an early age. At the beginning of this Pokemon’s life, it’s legs are far too weak to hold it up. This doesn’t last long however, and before long the young Pokemon becomes the battle ready Ponyta we’ve all come to love. If you recently captured Ponyta in Pokemon Go, but don’t know how to evolve Ponyta, this guide is for you.

Ponyta is a fire type Pokemon with a variety of listed attacks. The Ponyta in Pokemon Go has two listed abilities, the first being Ember and the second is Flame Wheel. It requires 50 Ponyta candy to evolve Ponyta in Pokemon Go. Once you have enough candy, you can evolve Ponyta to it’s evolved state, where it becomes Rapidash.

evolve ponyta

Ponyta hails from the Kanto region, and fully grown stands at 3 foot 3 inches in height. Fully mature Ponyta Pokemon weigh around 66.1 pounds and they are known to love berries.

How To Evolve Ponyta

You must acquire 50 total candy to evolve Ponyta. Once you have enough, highlight the Ponyta Pokemon you want to evolve. Highlight the Pokemon bio in your Pokemon Go menu and select EVOLVE.

At this stage your Ponyta will transform to a Rapidash. Rapidash is a stronger Pokemon that is ready to take on all comers at any Pokemon Go gym.


Once you evolve Ponyta, you can take your Rapidash to challenge any gym. Taking a Pokemon into battle against a rival team is a big part of Pokemon Go gameplay.

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