It’s been a meteoric rise to the top for Niantic Labs, who released the popular mobile game Pokemon Go just over a week ago. How popular has Pokemon Go been? According to a recent study released by online survey company SurveyMonkey, Pokemon Go is now the most popular mobile game in the United States.

With over 21 million users and counting, Pokemon Go surpasses Candy Crush Saga as the biggest mobile game on US soil. The popular GPS and camera enabled treasure hunt game has quickly passed Tinder and Twitter as far as daily usage goes. It’s been such a popular mobile game in fact, that Niantic has delayed their international rollout.

popular mobile game

This delay was a strategic move to increase server capacity, an ongoing problem with Pokemon Go. In fact many Pokemon Go players still have problems connecting to Niantic servers. It’s an issue that continues to plague Pokemon go beginners and experts alike.

What makes Pokemon Go such a popular mobile game?

Interactive play – Whether you love taking hikes or getting outdoors, you have to appreciate the interactive hunt that’s part of Pokemon Go. Users are finding new ways to track Pokemon that they want, which gets people out and exploring their areas.

Addictive Gameplay – Collecting and powering up items and monsters isn’t a new idea, but it’s never been done quite as well as this. Despite the numerous Pokemon Go glitches and bugs, the gameplay itself is easy and addictive.

Fast Growth – Simply put Pokemon Go rose to the top faster than any mobile game in recent memory. To put the rise of Pokemon Go into perspective, the popular mobile game attracted more users in three days of launch that Twitter did.

Free to Play – Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gamers are no different than anyone else, and there’s no doubting the appeal of the free to play game. Pokemon Go doesn’t charge you to play it, which gives plenty of users reason to download the popular mobile game.

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