Pokemon Go is now the world’s biggest and most popular mobile game. The alternate reality mobile game combines the elements of Pokemon and a treasure hunt, and it’s taking over the world. It’s got Pokemon Go beginners searching online for the best Pokemon Go hack out there. Today we’ll cover the Pokemon Go egg hack, which allows you to hatch eggs without walking.

Typically in order to hatch Pokemon Go eggs, you need to use an incubator. Once your egg is placed inside a Pokemon Go incubator, you need to walk a set of three distances to hatch it. Many Pokemon Go players love the fact that the mobile game gets them outdoors and exploring, but some do not enjoy the aspect of walking to hatch eggs.

If you want to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without walking, this Pokemon Go egg hack is for you. You can learn how to hatch eggs without the work using this Pokemon Go hack below.

Pokemon Go incubators

How to use the Pokemon Go egg hack

Many Pokemon Go players already know that you can’t use your car to hatch eggs. You are traveling far too fast and your Pokemon Go game won’t recognize this movement. Pokemon Go eggs come in 2km, 5km and 10km varieties, check our comprehensive Pokemon Go Game Guide for details.

If you’ve got a Pokemon Go egg that you want hatched, but don’t want to walk here’s how to use the Pokemon Go egg hack.

  1. Place the target egg in your Pokemon Go incubator
  2. Leave your phone on and the Pokemon Go app open
  3. Put your mobile phone on top of a record player otherwise known as a LP player.
  4. The movement of the record player will fool your phone into thinking you are walking.

Much thanks to Rusty Cage for discovering the Pokemon Go egg hack. Once you put your phone on a record player, it takes just a few minutes for your Pokemon Go egg to hatch.

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