The Pokestop in Pokemon Go is identified by a blue spinning icon. This icon will flip into the Pokemon Go symbol when you are close enough to it in your map view. They are one of the primary guiding landmarks when you are on a Pokemon Go hunt. Finding a new Pokestop is exciting because you can plan your route accordingly. These blue icons in your map are what you constantly walk towards in your quest to become Pokemon master.

But you’ve recently found a new landmark or cool area in your neighborhood that’s not a Pokestop. You may have a favorite business that you want to register as a Pokestop. You want to submit a new Pokestop but you don’t know how. Luckily for you this guide to creating a new Pokestop will help.

new Pokestop

Creating a new Pokestop

One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Pokemon Go is undoubtedly the Pokestop. Using a database of locations and landmarks from their previous game Ingress, Niantic Labs found themselves well equipped to launch Pokemon Go. How equipped you ask? Pokemon Go recently became the biggest mobile game of all time.

If you have a favorite location or hangout that you’d like to submit as a Pokestop, here’s how to get it done.

new pokestop

  1. Get out there and explore – Pokemon Go has been praised for it’s unique appeal and positive impact on player health and overall mood. Gameplay is built on exploration and walking, so if you don’t have a location in mind get out there and find one!
  2. Obtain new Pokestop address – Once you have the site you want to propose as the new Pokestop, get a physical address.
  3. Get coordinates of Pokestop or Pokemon Go gym – Use your web browser to convert your physical address to the latitude and longitude of your location.
  4. Submit business or location – Use this link to register and submit your proposed new Pokestop or gym location.

Your location will be reviewed and with any luck your business or hangout will become a new Pokestop. The process behind registering a new Pokestop is easy to do, but you’ll need to wait for Niantic Labs to approve your submission.

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