Pokemon Go Plus is the wearable device that makes catching Pokemon easy. Chances are if you are playing Pokemon Go, you’ve heard of the all new Pokemon accessory. Undecided on whether or not you will buy Pokemon Go Plus when it comes out at the end of July? Use this guide to see the top 5 reasons why you need Pokemon Go Plus in your life.

Although the new Pokemon Go wearable is not yet available, there’s no shortage of excitement. If you aren’t sure what the Pokemon Go Plus is, or what it can do check our guide here. Want to learn why you want to buy Pokemon Go Plus when it’s released? Continue onward to see our top 5 reasons and you’ll agree that the wearable device makes it easy to catch Pokemon.

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Reasons to Buy Pokemon Go Plus

Social Interaction – Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game of all time, and it’s an evolution of our society. Many people are meeting up to arrange Pokemon hunting parties or making friendships while playing the game.

If you are looking to take advantage of this social phenomenon, buy Pokemon Go Plus when it’s available. Other players will marvel at your new Pokemon accessory, making it an excellent ice breaker or conversation starter.

Increase Pokemon Catch Rate – As you level up your Pokemon Go character, you’ll find that catching Pokemon becomes increasingly difficult. The stronger and more difficult to find, the harder it is to catch Pokemon. There are many ways to increase your success rate, but one of the most obvious is to buy Pokemon Go Plus.

Having this one button interaction simplifies the process. Catch Pokemon faster and easier using the all new Pokemon Go device.

Catch Pokemon Easy – Given the wide range of Pokemon Go bugs and known issues, this point is very important. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a hunt or tracking down that elusive Pokemon, your cell phone can crash or freeze.

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You’ll need to reboot your phone, and reopen your Pokemon Go game. This costs valuable seconds as the Pokemon you’ve been tracking could flee. When you want to make it easy to catch Pokemon, you’ll want this new Pokemon Go accessory. If you buy Pokemon Go Plus when it comes out, you can catch Pokemon easily. Just press the button when your Pokemon Go Plus vibrates and flashes, it’s as easy as that.

Battery Life – Anyone who has played Pokemon Go knows how much of a drain it can be on your mobile phone. Because of the intensive network usage, the GPS signal and the brightness usually being turned all the way up because you are outdoors, your battery isn’t for long.

Of course when you buy Pokemon Go Plus, you are saving yourself from a dead cell phone battery. You won’t have to walk around with your Pokemon Go started or your cell phone open. This saves you valuable standby time and keeps your battery charged.

It also avoids the chance of you being stranded with no cell phone. Having an operating smartphone is a safety issue, and when you buy Pokemon Go Plus you’ll have more battery life and cell phone functionality.

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Safety – One of the biggest concerns in Pokemon Go is player safety. Although the biggest mobile game in history has encouraged people to exercise, there’s no shortage of players getting hurt or injured playing the game.

From people falling off cliffs, to crashing their cars or even getting locked into a cemetary, it can be hard to stay safe playing Pokemon Go. It’s easy to get hurt when you are walking while staring down at your cell phone.

If staying safe or keeping loved ones safe is important to you, you need to buy Pokemon Go Plus when it’s available. The Pokemon Go accessory eliminates the need to walk around with your cell phone on. When you come near a Pokestop, or a Pokemon reveals itself, the Pokemon Go Plus will light up and vibrate.

Instead of opening up your phone or walking around while staring at it, all you need to do is press the Pokemon Go Plus button. You will throw a Pokeball and attempt to catch the Pokemon. The same action will also retrieve items from your nearby Pokestop. Simply put it’s the safest way to play Pokemon Go.

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