The battle for bragging rights is heating up, as Pokemon Go becomes the most popular mobile game of all time. If you are serious about playing Pokemon Go, you’ll need to know what the best Pokemon is. After all you don’t want to invest your hard earned Stardust and candy to upgrade a Pokemon that doesn’t have much potential. So that’s what this guide to the Pokemon stats you need to know to succeed in battle.

Although all Pokemon have their own benefits and drawbacks, some offer a higher ceiling than others. Taking on an opposing team Pokemon Go gym requires you to have the best six fighters in your Pokemon Go stable. In order to pick the best Pokemon out of the bunch, you need to understand what Pokemon stats determine the outcome of battle.

These terms apply to the Pokemon stats for each respective Pokemon. These stats are taken directly from Pokemon Go and help you gauge which Pokemon is best.

Pokemon Stats that matter in combat

Combat Points – The most obvious of all Pokemon stats, but not the most important. That comes as a surprise to most Pokemon Go players, but CP is not the end all determining factor in battle. When you challenge a Pokemon Go gym or have a friendly battle with your fellow teammate, there are many other factors that play a role.

So don’t lean heavily on this number, although it’s a good overall gauge. Combat Points are a combination of different Pokemon stats. Some of these are listed below in our analysis of what stats do what in Pokemon Go.

evolve Doduo

Stamina – Also referred to as hit points, stamina is the amount of abuse your Pokemon can take before fainting. Once your Pokemon faints, you will require the use of a Revive crystal to restore it. Stamina increases by level, making it that much more important to pick and choose your Pokemon carefully.

It’s one thing to have fun and evolve Pokemon that you like, but to win battles and conquer gyms you’ll need a grasp of these Pokemon stats.

Attack – More than just your base and special attacks, the attack rating is one of the most important Pokemon stats. This stat determines how much damage your Pokemon can deal once properly leveled up. For this single reason you want to pick the best Pokemon to win the day in order to beat Pokemon Go gyms.

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Defense – Along with the ATTACK rating, defense is also very important as Pokemon stats go. Determining your total defense allows you to weather your opponent in battle. Pokemon with more defense will last longer and outlast other Pokemon taking the same amount of damage.

Type – If Combat Power is the primary way that most people choose Pokemon in combat, Type is the true means to victory. There are many different types of Pokemon, many of which sound vague or confusing. In essence these values provide you with a strategy to win in combat.

By carefully picking the right type based on your opponent, you can formulate the best six Pokemon. Some Pokemon types do increased damage to other types, which makes knowledge of types very important. Some of the types as far as Pokemon stats go include;

  • Rock Type – Rock type Pokemon are usually tough and very durable if not a bit slow.
  • Water Type – Found around oceans or lakes, water type Pokemon have certain bonuses against other types of Pokemon.
  • Poison Type – Belonging to serpent or insect varieties, Poison type Pokemon rely on toxins to do battle.
  • Fire Type – Fire Pokemon offer a wide range of attacks, some being extremely powerful.
  • Normal Type – These are general Pokemon that vary from common to rare. Some of the most powerful Pokemon belong to this class.

There are other Pokemon types such as Fairy, Ghost and Psychic. These all have roles to play in determining the winner in battle. All Pokemon have two different types and multiple attack styles depending on stage of evolution.

Special Attack – Special attacks can swing the balance of any fight and deal some serious damage. Like Pokemon, not all special attacks are the same or as fast or effective. As a general guide, you want a special attack that dishes out damage but is fast enough to do the job.

The last thing you want to do is have your Pokemon faint with blue bars filled. Slow acting special attacks or attacks that aren’t very effective should be passed on.

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