Pokemon Go craze is spreading like wildfire, and only figures to continue to grow. It’s already the most popular mobile game of all time, and it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing masses of players. However there’s always a few bad apples that can ruin the fun for everyone. One such person was arrested in Texas after issuing Pokemon Go threats saying that he was going to go on a “Purge-like” rampage.

Although it’s not the first incident of Pokemon Go threats, it’s definitely one of the dumbest so far. Posting from his Facebook account, the man threatened Pokemon Go players only to find that Internet threats can land you in jail.

Man Arrested for Pokemon Go Threats

Nathan Cerda of South Texas posted the hostile message on his Facebook account, which made it’s rounds through social circles.

Pokemon Go threats

Referencing the thriller movie series “The Purge”, Cerda made Pokemon Go threats by taking an image of his paintball gun. It shows the ugly side of how popular Pokemon Go has become. Although the man thought it was maybe a harmless joke, apparently the Texas police department didn’t agree.

Pokemon Go threats 1

By issuing Pokemon Go threats, the man was arrested on the felony count of a Terrorist Threat. It became a clear cut issue of public safety and it’s one that enforcement agencies are taking very seriously.

Men Fall off Cliff playing Pokemon Go

These kinds of Pokemon Go safety concerns have many parents and players looking to better ways to play. One of the biggest ways that Pokemon Go players can stay safe is through the upcoming Pokemon Go Pro wearable device.

The upcoming Pokemon Go accessory allows players to keep their gaze off their cell phones while tracking down Pokemon. It’s just another way in which Pokemon Go is evolving the way we look at social interactions, video games and player safety.

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