The long anticipated wait is finally over for Pokemon fans in Canada, as Pokemon Go is now available for download. Pokemon Go has been an incredible success in America thus far, in fact it’s now the biggest mobile game of all time. Now that Pokemon Go has spread to Canada, you can expect the users in North America to spike.

The alternate reality mobile game creates a massive treasure hunt style of game that’s been incredibly addicting so far. Pokemon Go gameplay centers around a map view that’s built on another alternate reality mobile game called Ingress.

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From there Pokemon Go players are free to explore, catch Pokemon and train them. Players can track Pokemon using GPS and catch Pokemon with items called Pokeballs. Pokemon Go battles take place at real life locations called Pokemon gyms. These gyms are literal landmarks that Pokemon players fight to gain control over. Once the gym is taken over, your Pokemon team color will be prominently displayed.

When your Pokemon Go character levels up enough, you are strong enough to join a team and battle for supremacy. If you are just starting out as a Pokemon Go beginner, it’s a good idea to check out this guide.

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Pokemon go is now available in the United States, Australia and some parts of Asia. With the expanded release today, Pokemon Go is now available in Canada and there are more countries to come. In fact according to Niantic, some of the larger markets like Japan are on the radar.

Once Niantic Labs can expand their server capacity, they will be one step closer to a global user base. Many players have gone the extra mile to download a third party application in a vain attempt to get Pokemon Go before the game is available in their area. Some players who have been waiting have found other ways to load Pokemon Go on to their phones, with some less than ideal results.

If you happen to live in one of the countries waiting for this game, never download from an untrusted source. Always download and install applications that have been properly vetted by the App Store or Google Play. Have any questions now that Pokemon Go is now available in Canada? Wondering when it will come to your country? Subscribe to get all the latest in Pokemon Go news and gameplay tips today at Pokemon Go Den.