Pokemon Go has been out for a few weeks, and people just can’t stop playing it. Unless their battery makes them of course. Anyone who has played the iconic treasure hunt reality game knows just how much of a battery hog the app really is. Many players use battery packs to extend their battery life, which is why it’s important to know how to save battery.

Knowing how to save battery in Pokemon Go gives you the freedom to track Pokemon longer than other Pokemon masters. That’s what our guide to Pokemon Go battery life can help you with. Using these tips prolongs your battery, so you can not only play Pokemon Go but you can also access your other apps as well.

The last thing you want to do is lose out on catching your first Snorlax because your battery wasn’t charged. So if you want to succeed and catch more Pokemon, use these tips to save battery now.

save battery Pokemon Go

How To save battery in Pokemon Go

Turn on Pokemon Go’s battery saver option – This little known option is part of your settings section. The built in battery saver in Pokemon Go will turn off the screen after a certain amount of time. Good news however is that you’ll still receive notifications and alerts when you turn on the option to save battery in Pokemon Go.

Reduce screen brightness – One of the biggest draws on your cell phone battery is your screen. Most people play Pokemon Go with the brightness turned all the way up. This is the single biggest drain on your battery and can cause your phone to turn off faster than ever.

How To Save Battery in Pokemon Go

Instead try to access your phone brightness option, and either select AUTO or turn it down all the way. This means you may need shade to properly see your screen however.

If you own a iPhone, you can turn down the brightness through your Control Center. Go into SETTINGS > DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS to save battery.

For Android owners playing Pokemon go, this is done through your settings in the upper right hand corner of your cell phone. Select brightness and adjust by pulling back on the slider to save battery easily.

Turn off sound and vibration – If you need to save battery while playing Pokemon Go, it’s a good idea to turn down your sound and turn off vibration. These require battery power like any other aspect of your cell phone.

Many beginners are shocked to see how fast their battery gets drained. So save battery by turning off your sound and vibration right away.

Battery Saver – Not the option to save battery in Pokemon Go, but the battery saver on your own cell phone can do wonders. Prolong your battery life by turning on your phone’s battery saver option.

Please note that some phones will turn off GPS or Wifi in order to save energy. You will need these options to play Pokemon Go, so if your cell phone save battery options turn off those features make sure to turn them back on.

How To Save Battery in Pokemon Go 2


Turn off augmented reality – Otherwise known as AR, this option transposes Pokemon over the real world. While this is a great and fun way to take pictures of your favorite Pokemon, it’s also a huge drain on your cell phone battery.

In order to save battery, you’ll need to turn off AR to save power and battery life. When you turn off the AR option, your camera background is replaced with a bland or black background. It’s a touch more boring but it will save battery and allow you to play longer.

Not only that but when your AR is turned off, your Pokemon stays in the middle of the screen. This makes it easier for you to catch Pokemon since they aren’t moving around.

Of course when these tactics to save battery don’t do the trick, you can turn to an external battery. Battery packs can extend battery life and allow you to play longer.