Chances are if you don’t know what Pokemon Go is by now, you’ve seen the masses of people playing it. Nowadays it’s impossible to step outdoors without bumping into, or avoiding Pokemon Go players. The meteoric rise of the world’s biggest mobile game is carving out a subsection of people who hate Pokemon Go.

From the distracted drivers to people trespassing on property, Pokemon Go is maybe too popular for it’s own good. Some players are falling off cliffs while playing, and the general consensus seems to have shifted from being amused and tolerant, to outright hate and even issuing threats. People who hate Pokemon Go seem to be growing in number, and some have even taken shots at Pokemon players.

Memes from people who hate Pokemon Go are cropping up everywhere.
Memes from people who hate Pokemon Go are cropping up everywhere.

Where as people who didn’t play Pokemon Go generally had a bemused opinion of the game, now this opinion is evolving into scorn and abuse. Pokemon Go players are taking to social media to relay stories of being hated on and even taking pictures of people who hate Pokemon Go.

Although there’s something to be said for the congestion and confusion that Pokemon Go players can create, most of this hate is unfounded. Yes having countless people walking around your neighborhood with their gaze transfixed on their phones is a general annoyance, but enough for you to hate Pokemon Go?

With over 65 million users and counting, Pokemon Go shows no sign of slowing. For this very reason the mobile game was bound to wear out it’s welcome among the general public. People who aren’t playing may feel left out or upset, although it’s hard to see where their hate is really coming from.

Although people who hate Pokemon Go certainly won’t go away, there’s zero chance that players will give up. What we can do as a community of like minded Pokemon Go players is improve our etiquette and avoid embarrassing moments like being locked in a cemetery. Even though some of these instances can be avoided could it be that a lot of people that hate Pokemon Go are just mean-spirited or just angry?


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