Knowing how to find Pokestops and gyms are two of the biggest keys to Pokemon Go. Unless you live in a large city with multiple Pokestops, it may be hard to find a place to play Pokemon Go. If you happen to live in a rural area or a place with no Pokestops, this guide can help you find Pokestops with the best of them.

To begin your journey as a Pokemon Go master, you will need to find Pokestops and important landmarks in your area. If you are having problems finding a Pokestop, you can use this guide to level up your Pokemon character quickly.

find Pokestops

Because Pokemon Go is based roughly on Ingress, you can take advantage of the existing tools when you need to find Pokestops. This guide will show you the ways to read Ingress map data to see where you want to head on your next Pokewalk.

Using maps to find Pokestops

Sign up for Ingress – If you’ve got an extra Android phone or tablet, consider signing up and downloading Ingress. When you sign up for Ingress and register, you’ll have access to the portal network.

In order to find Pokestops, the Ingress data can be used to reference Portals. In Ingress these points of interest are called portals and using Ingress maps you can find the Pokemon Go places of interest. With over four years of data at their disposal, you can find Pokestops by registering for Ingress.

Niantic Labs houses a gigantic global map with various places of interest around the world. Pokemon Go players will reference portal locations, as those are the Pokestops they are after. You can find Pokestops by installing Ingres, and using the program to track down and find Pokestops.

Although this method drains your battery even faster, you can use these tips to optimize and save battery while playing Pokemon Go. The Ingress map may take some getting used to, but with a little bit of practice you can find Pokestops like a pro. In addition to Ingress maps, there are already big time grassroots movements to map out and list all Pokestops and gyms.

These are held in an online Google map which can be updated for any Pokemon Go player. Although this document is a work in progress, it’s a sign of how powerful the Pokemon go community is becoming. When you go to check this Google map, make sure you are taking into consideration anyone who may be looking at your screen as this is a publicly shared file.

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