Whether you are a beginner to Pokemon Go or not, there are always players that are higher and better than you are. It can become frustrating to play when you can’t catch Pokemon or win any battles at Pokemon Go gyms. If you’ve been playing for a while but can’t seem to turn the corner, this guide to level up fast in Pokemon Go can help.

There are multiple rewards and tools that are unlocked when you are high enough level. These are covered in our Pokemon Go game guide. When you use these Pokemon Go tips to level up fast, you’ll have a better results when you catch rare Pokemon.

When you want to beat gyms and win in battle, you need to be a high enough level. If you can’t seem to get ahead as fast as you would like, use these tips to level up fast in Pokemon Go.

Tips to level up fast

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Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

So you've been on several Pokewalks and caught Pokemon with the best of them, but there always seems to be one of your friends that are always ahead. You could also be a beginner and find it impossible to compete in battle because everyone has been playing for a few weeks now. If you find yourself in either of these predicaments and want to level up fast in Pokemon Go, this guide is for you. Use these tips to level up quickly without using or buying Pokecoins. This guide will help you optimize your character and level fast so that you can enjoy the more entertaining parts of Pokemon Go.

If you are looking for a general guide on how to play Pokemon Go, check out our Pokemon game guide here. If you are having a hard time leveling up your Pokemon character, or just want to catch Pokemon easier, these tips help you to level up fast.


Throw curveball Pokeballs

Jul 19, 2016
Throw curveball Pokeballs

It takes some practice to catch Pokemon, even using the straight ahead approach. However once you learn how to throw a curveball, you can really level up fast in Pokemon Go. When you catch Pokemon using the curveball technique, you gain an additional 10 experience points.

This is on top of the capture ratings that will also give you an extra experience boost. When you catch a Pokemon with a good throw, Pokemon Go will give you extra points for style and effectiveness. To see how these experience points break down, check out our game guide here.

Not to mention, your Pokemon Go catch success rate goes up when you throw a curve. So get out there and practice to get it down just right.

How to Throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go
1. Press and hold on the Pokeball in question once you have found Pokemon to catch.
2. Make small circles with the Pokeball
3. Once you notice the Pokeball spin up, let it go at an angle.
4. Capture Pokemon

These tips can help you easily reach level 10 within a few days and 20 is well within your reach. Make sure to save up on candy to evolve Pokemon when you have a Lucky Egg. Combined with some of the other tips on this level up fast guide, you can really build up your character.

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