Pokemon Go is the new augmented reality game from Nintendo and Niantic Labs. Since the game’s launch just a few weeks ago, it’s literally taken the world by storm. It has become the biggest mobile game ever, and Japan still hasn’t gotten the game. As the birthplace of all things Pokemon, it makes the current user base of over 65 million people even more shocking. Incidents involving Pokemon Go players break every day, and it’s sort of shocking to see it took this long for a Pokemon Go crash.

Today’s Pokemon Go news involves a 26 year old Massachusetts man who loved Pikachu a little too much. While driving down the highway, Lamar Hickson was playing Pokemon Go when his favorite electric Pokemon appeared. Instead of deciding to err on the side of safety, Hickson inexplicably slammed on his brakes to cause the Pokemon Go crash.

The Pokemon Go crash caused a major pileup, luckily not resulting in any major injuries. According to most reports, Hickson told police that “you gotta risk it all to catch em all” when asked why he stopped in the middle of the freeway. Needless to say you shouldn’t be playing Pokemon Go while driving, let alone using your cell phone to begin with. After causing the Pokemon Go crash, Hickson is expected to be charged.

The latest in Pokemon Go accidents raises serious questions about player safety. If you are looking for how to stay safe playing Pokemon Go, check out our guide here. It’s important to use common sense to keep yourself or your loved ones safe while playing Pokemon Go. If you have children in your household, Pokemon Go safety becomes an even bigger issue.

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