Connectivity issues have plagued Pokemon Go players since Day One, and now there’s a tool to check Pokemon Go server health. Whether you are a Pokemon beginner or not, chances are you’ve experienced some sort of server outage. Now using this tool you can check to see if Pokemon Go servers are down or not. It’s a helpful tool for those trying to figure out if it’s their Internet connection or a server issue.

Everyone who has played the game knows how spotty connection can be. Game freezes, or server issues are just two of the known Pokemon Go bugs. Given the fact that Pokemon Go is available in a handful of countries makes this server tool that much more helpful. Pokemon Go was just released to Canada, with major countries like Japan and China still waiting for Pokemon Go to be released.

Pokemon Go server health

The new tool to check Pokemon Go server health is powered by a startup in New York. This tech startup company has launched IsPokemonGoDownOrNot, and the website tracks server availability and overall Pokemon Go server health. If you are wondering if Pokemon Go servers are down or not, check their website to see the real time metrics.

You’ll see valuable information from server response to latency. Other data like Pokemon Go server uptime and Pokemon Go server health are extremely valuable to any player. Best of all, it will tell you whether or not it’s okay to use a lure or burn a Incense. Because these items are timed, the last thing you need is to waste these items when the Pokemon Go servers down.

Pokemon Go server health 1

This online tool to check Pokemon Go server health even gives you login wait time. Simply put it’s one of the best tools out there for any Pokemon go player. Pokemon Go server health is determined through this tool by logging into a Pokémon Trainer Club account. There are also thresholds for performance that include latency and connection problems. The next time you think that Pokemon Go servers are down or not, make sure to check out this innovative tool to get the inside scoop.

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