Pokemon Go has reached over 65 million users, with daily usage higher than Twitter, Snapchat or Tumblr. The mobile game has become so big, that it’s now the biggest mobile game of all time. Considering how big the game has become, it’s hard to believe that it’s available in just a few countries. Luckily for Japan, the wait is almost over as Pokemon Go coming to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Before Pokemon Go is released in Japan however, Niantic Labs is focusing on supporting the influx of new players. Canada recently had their Pokemon Go coming to your area moment, and now Japan is lined up next. In order to avoid the outage that accompanied the launch in Canada, Niantic needs much more server capacity.

Pokemon Go Coming to Japan 1

There’s been several field tests conducted by Niantic Labs in Japan, but there’s no official launch date as of quite yet.

When is Pokemon Go coming to Japan?

Although Pokemon Go is incredibly successful, it’s yet to release in the home country of The Pokemon Company. CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke stated in an interview that the major concern is server issues. Pokemon Go has been incredibly successful despite a wide range of connection issues and known bugs.

Pokemon Go Servers Down 2

“At present, the server capacity in Japan is not powerful enough, we are working hard with our partners in Japan to enable the servers to keep up with demand once the game goes online there. We expect it to be released by the end of July.”

Most experts have called the end of July deadline optimistic to say the least. For US and UK Pokemon Go players that still experience outages, it’s definitely a fair question of when Pokemon Go comes to Japan. It’s hard to believe that the game is available in just the US, UK, and Australia.

Pokemon Go has truly taken the world by storm and once people find out Pokemon Go comes to Japan, it’s going to be literal mayhem. Want to learn more about Pokemon Go or how to play the game? Need the latest Pokemon Go news or updates? Subscribe to PG Den today to get Pokemon news daily.