Evolving Pokemon is a huge part of Pokemon Go. To illustrate this point, the biggest mobile game in history has been growing as well. If you want to learn how to evolve Pokemon that’s one thing, but what most people want to know is when to evolve them. That’s what the Pokemon Go evolution guide is for, to help you determine the proper path for Pokemon evolution.

Not only with the addition of Canada and soon Japan, but game mechanics has grown as well. When Pokemon Go was first released, game mechanics were the last thing on people’s minds. Now that Pokemon trainers have a few weeks under their belt, the focus is all about finding the best Pokemon and how to evolve them properly.

Learning how to evolve Pokemon using this Pokemon Go evolution guide is easy to do. This guide contains a Combat Points calculator that allows you to do the math ahead of time. This eliminates you from making the common mistake of leveling up the wrong Pokemon or a lesser one.

Pokemon Go evolution guide 1

Built by redditor /u/Carlitocarlin the Pokemon Go evolution spreadsheet shows you how to evolve Pokemon the right way. This CP calculator gives you the breakdown of each Pokemon and helps you plan out your evolutions.

Much like the Pokestop finder, the Pokemon Go evolution guide is a crowd sourced affair. The Pokemon Go community is doing an excellent job at recording stats and data, and it shows through this CP multiplier spreadsheet. To use this spreadsheet as a Pokemon Go evolution guide, simply pick the Pokemon in question.

You’ll see that the spreadsheet will display the CP multiplier before and after evolution. It gives you a CP multiplier that will dictate your Pokemon’s minimum, maximum and average CP statistic. It’s one of the best ways to evolve Pokemon the right way. Plus you’ll avoid committing resources to Pokemon that don’t have a very high ceiling.

All of the data in the Pokemon Go evolution guide is in service of beating opposing gyms and winning in battle. It’s the growing effort to make the Pokémon in your stable stronger and more effective in gym battles.

Want to help with the crowd sourced data, or submit your own findings? Redditor Carlitocarlin shares a link with us where you can submit your results when you evolve Pokemon. Here is the form to submit the CP before and after your Pokemon evolves.

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