When it comes to the world of Pokemon Go, there are many rare Pokemon. According to this chart, there is existing code for some of the rarest Pokemon of all time. Although nobody has seen these characters yet in Pokemon Go, the idea of existing code suggests they are possible to catch.

There’s currently over 200 known Pokemon in the popular mobile game of Pokemon Go, and yet nobody knows how many total Pokemon are in the game. Still there are some some rare examples that define the idea of rare Pokemon. These are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go based on aforementioned chart.

Built by the Reddit community, this chart breaks down the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The thrill of the hunt and the joy on the catch, rare Pokemon are exciting to track and capture. If you feel up to the challenge, these are some of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These Pokemon haven't been spotted yet and there's a lot to suggest some may be regionally restricted, it could truly become a global journey. Pokemon Go is set for release soon in Japan, after just making a debut in Canada.

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Jul 19, 2016

Moltres also goes by Flame Pokemon and for good reason. It's wide wingspan to it's ability to control and deliver fire based damage, Moltres is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Moltres appears in several Pokemon games and movies. He hasn't been spotted in Pokemon Go just yet, could he be located in Japan?

Even though Pokemon Go is only available in a handful of countries, it hasn’t slowed down and doesn’t show any sign of doing so anytime soon. According to most estimates, there are over 65 million users and daily usage exceeds Twitter or Snapchat. When you consider that Asia hasn’t even gotten the game yet, there’s a real chance that certain Pokemon will exist in certain countries only.

Pokemon Go was always intended as a global mobile game, which makes international travel to catch Pokemon a real possibility. Developer Niantic Labs is working on increasing server limits to handle the load and eliminate bugs currently. They are inching closer to launching in Japan, which could really drive up the userbase.

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