Pokemon Go fever continues to spread like wildfire, along with public safety concerns. With the increase in players hunting Pokemon, the issue of safety is becoming bigger every day. When you consider that most Pokemon Go players prefer to turn to alternate means of transport, it’s harder than ever to stay safe playing Pokemon Go. From Pokemon Go players falling off a cliff, being locked in a cemetery or getting shot at, there’s no shortage of these cautionary tales.

For parents of children playing Pokemon Go, the safety issue is of paramount concern. There are stories of being robbed at Pokestops or people making threats to players. That’s why when you want to stay safe playing Pokemon Go, this guide will help. These easy to follow tips will keep you safe while playing the game, and won’t detract from gameplay. Most of these Pokemon Go safety tips are merely reminders to use common sense when enjoying your game.

Tips to stay safe playing Pokemon Go

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Important Pokemon Go safety tips

Pokemon Go fever is spreading like a wildfire, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The instant success of the smash hit augmented reality game has lined Nintendo's pockets flush with cash. In fact after Pokemon Go launched, Nintendo has never been more profitable. Closing out their trading day with their shares trading higher than rival Sony, Nintendo may be onto the next great thing. Pokemon Go is now the world's biggest mobile game in history, despite the fact it's available in just a few countries.

When you stop to consider over 65 million registered Pokemon Go players, and daily usage that exceeds Twitter or Snapchat, you begin to see how big Pokemon Go really is. Considering the home country of Japan has yet to be able to play the game at all, it's fair to say that Pokemon Go is nothing short of a cultural milestone in many ways. This is all despite several known Pokemon Go bugs and server connectivity issues that have plagued the game since launch. There's been so many players wondering if Pokemon servers are down, that someone's actually built an online tool to check server health.

All of this popularity isn't without a flip side however, as the massive Pokemon Go user base continues to grow, safety has become a serious concern. Pokemon Go players are getting injured while playing the game, which is to be expected when you are walking around with your gaze transfixed on your cell phone. Every day it seems as though a new Pokemon Go news report is showing someone else getting hurt, whether directly or indirectly from Pokemon Go gameplay.

Pokemon Go's meteoric rise to the top has also generated an undercurrent of people who hate Pokemon Go. It's even caused one man to get arrested for making threats to Pokemon Go players. Players are causing traffic accidents, falling off of cliffs and even getting robbed or shot at because of Pokemon Go.

For parents with children playing Pokemon Go, the safety concerns become even more important. Knowing how to stay safe playing Pokemon Go will become increasingly more vital to enjoying Pokemon Go responsibly. Without the right mindset and awareness, Pokemon Go is not only dangerous to play but can be hazardous to non-players as well. This is what our guide to stay safe playing Pokemon Go is for, to help players keep themselves safe while hunting down their favorite Pokemon.

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Watch your Step

Jul 19, 2016
Watch your Step

Whether you are tracking down a Pokemon, trying to find a Pokestop or attempting to catch Pikachu you need to check your surroundings from time to time. Walking around with your head down is a recipe for disaster, and you can save yourself a lot of trouble by periodically watching where you are going. This is one of the most obvious yet harder to follow tips to stay safe playing Pokemon Go.

Have any questions about our guide to stay safe playing Pokemon Go? These simple reminders can keep the game fun and safe so make sure to share with your other Pokemon Go friends. By working together we can create a safer set of guidelines and keep the entire Pokemon Go community safe.

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