The latest in Pokemon Go incidents involved a teen being stabbed in downtown Greenville. According to police reports, 19 year old Dillon Manning was playing Pokemon Go with a group of friends when he was assaulted. Other players witnessed the Pokemon Go stabbing, reporting that the man came up and stabbed Manning before fleeing on foot.

Although the Greenville police department has a few suspects, no one has been arrested yet. There’s enough eyewitness accounts of the Pokemon Go stabbing however, which should lead to an arrest shortly.

Pokemon Go Stabbing 1

UPDATE – A suspect in the Pokemon Go stabbing has turned himself in.

Dillon Manning is currently undergoing treatment at the Vidant Medical Center. He is doing well and has already been released after getting treatment for the Pokemon Go stabbing.

According to reports, the man also confronted two other Pokemon Go players minutes before the attack. Shoving them around near the Five Points Plaza parking lot, the suspect was still at large Tuesday morning. The Greenville police department also said that they didn’t believe that the attacker had lured the players there, another common danger associated with Pokemon Go.

Eye witness reports claim the man reportedly fought with 19-year-old Dillon Manning before pulling out the knife. Players that witnessed the Pokemon Go stabbing thanked the fast response of the Greenville police department. The officers connected to the case are now reviewing information on possible charges being brought in the case.

The latest Pokemon Go incident continues to put the focus on player safety. Staying safe playing Pokemon Go isn’t hard to do, but this Pokemon Go stabbing shows the importance of being vigilant. Staying aware of your surroundings and saving battery playing Pokemon Go are just two of the biggest ways to stay safe.

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