If you are serious about playing Pokemon Go, you’ll need to understand the mechanics of gameplay. Namely the statistics of each Pokemon, and what makes certain Pokemon better than others. Today we’ll be looking at the Attack and Defense stats to see how Combat Points are calculated.

Wondering what stats are important for Pokemon and which hidden stats to look for? Most people pay attention to only Combat Points or CP when picking Pokemon, which isn’t ideal. One of the biggest myths about CP is that it’s an arbitrary score that’s the end all be all of Pokemon fighting power.

Combat Points are determined using the 3 hidden stats of each Pokemon. These are Stamina, Attack and Defense stats that are hidden from players. These Pokemon stats calculate the CP, which gives players a good idea of the potential of the Pokemon in question. Here is how the various numbers break down and what they mean, from Stamina to defense stats.

defense stats

How Attack and Defense Stats work

Stamina – This value determines the Hit Points of the Pokemon. The calculation for Pokemon Stamina works out to : Base Stamina = 2 * Hit Points

Attack stats – This is often the most confusing value, unlike defense stats for your Pokemon. Although each Pokemon have two attacks that deal a specific number of damage, the Attack stat is very different.

This is how the base attack for your Pokemon is calculated : Base Attack = 2.6 * (Atk^0.46)(SpAtk^0.46)(Sp^0.04) +3.

Defense stats – Much like the attack rating of your Pokemon, Defense helps you withstand damage. The base calculation for defense is : Base Defense = 2.6 * (Def^0.46)(SpDef^0.46)(Sp^0.04) + 3.

defense stats 2


When picking the best Pokemon, you’ll need a firm understanding of these stats. The next part of our indepth Pokemon Go stat analysis will deal with attack speed, and DPS for each Pokemon.

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