One of the biggest aspects of Pokemon Go gameplay is tracking down and catching Pokemon. However a recent Pokemon Go bug has Pokemon trainers frustrated. This bug has been reported by many Pokemon trainers, and is known as the three step glitch. There’s been talk of a possible three step glitch fix, but it’s still a problem that affects many trainers out there.

Knowing how to track Pokemon is a big part of the game. The three step glitch affects trainers by displaying every Pokemon as being “three steps” away. No matter what players do or what direction they walk in, the Pokemon dont get any closer. Sound familiar? Read on to learn what the three step glitch is, and a possible three step glitch fix.

three step glitch

What is the Pokemon Go three step glitch?

If you pull up your Pokemon Go “Nearby” tab and see a bunch of Pokemon listed as three steps away, chances are you are affected by the three step glitch. While your friends can track Pokemon using the paw prints, your game always shows three footprints. If you are affected by the three step glitch, you can still catch Pokemon but won’t be able to track them.

Niantic Labs has recognized this as an existing Pokemon Go bug. It adds to their already long list of glitches and connectivity problems. They have been busy lately, launching Pokemon Go in Canada and preparing for Japan, but it’s clear that trainers need a three step glitch fix.

Some Pokemon Go trainers have reported success by rebooting their phone or app, with mixed results. As of now there’s no determining factor to this glitch or how it happens to your account. It’s leaving quite a few Pokemon Go players frustrated when they see a rare or powerful Pokemon through their nearby screen.

As one of the core gameplay concepts, Pokemon Go trainers are clamoring for a fix to the three step bug. Hopefully once things settle down for Niantic Labs, they will release a possible fix for the three step issue.

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