People are beginning to capitalize on the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, giving players more tools to catch Pokemon. Some of these developments can tell you if the Pokemon Go servers are down or not, and even plan out your Pokemon upgrades. Not everyone is trying to help others however, and criminals are beginning to cash in. Recent reports point to criminals robbing Pokemon Go players by using Pokemon Go lures.

These criminals use lures to attract Pokemon players to remote areas, where they are robbed or assaulted. Two Pokemon trainers were attacked in Los Angeles after criminals laid out their trap. The two men have since launched a GoFundMe campaign called Project Protect Go. This campaign is designed to provide pepper spray and safety measures for fellow trainers.

It’s another development that singles out the issues around Pokemon Go safety. Being safe while playing Pokemon Go is vital, who wants to be assaulted or robbed while playing a game? Meanwhile law enforcement agencies around the nation are continuing to issue safety warnings and advice. With the right amount of awareness, Pokemon Go players can avoid some of these criminals and their evil traps.

When playing Pokemon Go, you’ll need to keep aware and use your common sense. Pokemon Go lures are attractive, but you should think twice before heading out to one at 3 am. Understand that the danger escalates when the sun goes down, so be careful when tracking down Pokemon.

Pokemon Go lures 1

Consider traveling in groups and with a friend to prevent criminals from attacking you. When playing in a remote area, make sure to take account of who and what is around you. Being aware is the biggest tip to staying safe while playing Pokemon Go. It’s an especially important tactic for parents with children that play Pokemon Go.

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