Ever since the launch of Pokemon Go, there’s been several cheats, hacks and workarounds to give trainers that additional edge. Some of these hacks like the Pikachu cheat can help you catch Pikachu as your beginning Pokemon. Others can get you banned from Niantic Labs servers. Now a group of hackers that belong to the PokemonGoDev subreddit have the ultimate Pokemon Go hack that creates a hidden Pokemon map.

This Pokemon Go hack works to translate server data, and maps out the location of Pokemon. It means that you no longer have to waste time tracking Pokemon the old fashioned way. By accessing Pokémon Go‘s server data, this Pokemon Go hack gives you an easy to read map that tells you exactly where hidden Pokemon are. Although there’s something to be said for this hidden Pokemon map sapping the fun out of the game, this map can help you find rare Pokemon.

Hidden Pokemon Map 1

As far as Pokemon Go hacks go, this one is easily one of the most useful. It’s a sign of growth from Pokemon Go enthusiasts that are continually pushing the envelope.  There’s already documentation about analyzing reverse engineered Pokémon Go server data. Just last week there were a bevy of new tools that helped you do everything from calculate CP to checking if Pokemon Go servers were down.

Best of all this Pokemon Go hack is being used to crowdsource the ultimate map of Pokemon locations. These locations are being updated on a easy to read Google Maps picture, and showing you where all those rare Pokemon are. Want to learn how to use this Pokemon Go hack to your advantage? Check out these easy to follow instructions for a basic command line cheat.

There are other ways that this Pokemon Go hack is being implemented. For those who aren’t comfortable with this command line cheat, you can also opt for the desktop app or even a web-based Pokemon Go hack. Combined with the hidden Pokemon map, you’ll find the best Pokemon in the game.

Along with this Pokemon Go hack, there’s a ton of other apps being developed. We’ve already mentioned the server health app, but some others include an app to notify you when rare Pokémon appear, as well as GPS spoofing apps that trick the servers into thinking you are somewhere else.

Niantic Labs is quite clear when it comes to these kinds of Pokemon Go hacks. Implementing these hacks is a clear violation of Pokemon Go’s terms of service, but there’s nothing stopping you from using a hidden Pokemon map.

So if you want a hidden Pokemon map that shows you where all the hidden Pokemon are, check out this Pokemon Go hack. Have any questions about this Pokemon hack to find hidden Pokemon? Leave us a comment below and let us know, and make sure to subscribe to Pokemon Den for all the latest Pokemon Go tips and news.