The special move of your Pokemon can often be the difference between victory and defeat. When attacking a Pokemon Go gym, knowing which Pokemon special move does the most damage can help. Using this chart from the Pokemon Go Reddit community, we’ve broken down which special moves do the most damage. By ranking each Pokemon Special Move DPS, you’ll know who you want on your side and who to avoid.

This countdown of Pokemon Special Move DPS shows you which move does the most damage. DPS is different than Combat Points or CP, which is used to calculate which Pokemon to evolve. DPS is also known as Damage per Second, and these are the most offensive Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Special Move DPS Ranked


Charizard FAQ Pokedex

Ranked as the 15th highest DPS in Pokemon Go, Charizard uses Wing Attack as his special move. This attack has a 1225 DPM rating, which makes this one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Mew

Not only is Mew have one of the highest DPS ratings in Pokemon Go, but he’s also one of the rarest. His special attack is Pound, which is a bit low in the average DPM rating with a 870 value. Mew is ranked this high in our Pokemon DPS rating for his gaudy HP*Def rating of 5480.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Golduck

Golduck is also featured in our Top Ten Best Pokemon countdown, and rightfully so. His primary special move is Water Gun, with a move DPM of 1495. His speed and attack power is one of the best in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Exeggutor

One of the oddest Pokemon in the game, Exeggutor shouldn’t be overlooked as a combatant. Exeggutor uses Zen Headbutt to dole out damage, and his Pokemon Go DPS is 12th best in the game. Ranked with a 1105 move DPM, he’s one of the best Pokemon in the game.


pokemon go dps Dragonite

Both rare and cute, the Dragonite Pokemon rates as the 11th most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In combat this Pokemon relies on Dragon Breath as his special move. Dragon Breath has a move DPM value of 885, and an excellent 5175 HP*Def rating.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Poliwrath

Coming in as the 10th highest Pokemon Special Move DPS rating, Poliwrath is one of the best choices in combat. This water / fighting type Pokemon uses the special move of Mud Shot, with a 1340 Move DPM and an overall 4275 HP*Def.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Golem

As far as rock type Pokemon go, Golem is one of the best. When you look at the highest Pokemon Special Move DPS in the game, Golem comes in as 9th best. Like Poliwrath, Golem uses Mud Shot with a staggering 1675 Move DPM.


Blastoise Pokedex

Instantly recognizable and the final evolved state of Squirtle, Blastoise has the 8th best special move DPS in Pokemon Go. Water Gun is his special attack of choice and with a 1495 Move DPM, he’s an excellent choice to attack any gym.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Slowbro

One of the oddest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Slowbro is no slouch in the DPS department. Like Blastoise, Slowbro uses Water Gun to defeat his foes. Although his Pokemon Special Move DPS is a touch lower than Blastoise with a 1495 value, he makes up for it in HP*Def.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Articuno

An especially rare Pokemon, Articuno knows how to dish out damage with the best of them. His special attack Frost Breath is the 6th most powerful special attack in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Lapras

As one of the most rare Pokemon in the game, Lapras has a slight edge over Articuno. They share the same special attack, Frost Breath with an identical Move DPM of 1130. Where Lapras has the advantage is in his 5815 HP*Def versus Articuno’s 5440.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Snorlax

Large and in charge, Snorlax is one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. His special attack is Lick and with a 1200 Move DPM rating, he packs a powerful punch. Snorlax has the third ranked special move DPS in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Vaporeon

Deadly and lightning quick, Vaporeon combines brute attack force and excellent special move speed. His special move is Water Gun and with a 1495 Move DPM value, he’s one of the best Pokemon in the entire game.


Pokemon Special Move DPS Mewtwo

Everyone’s favorite genetically engineered Pokemon, Mewtwo has the highest DPS in Pokemon Go. His Psycho Cut special move is rated over 2000 with a total value of 2035. He’s one of the best Pokemon for battle, and his attack power is unmatched.

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