There’s been quite a bit of confusion surrounding the eggs in Pokemon Go, and how to hatch them. Most players have tried Pokemon egg hacks or tricks to speed up the process. Others have tried to hatch Pokemon eggs by using a stationary bike or exercise machine, with varying results.

Some of these Pokemon egg tricks work, while others don’t. If you are looking to learn the truth on how to hatch Pokemon eggs, this guide is for you. We’ll run through the facts so you can hatch Pokemon eggs, and dispel some of the Pokemon egg myths out there.

how to hatch Pokemon eggs 1

Tips to Hatch Pokemon Eggs

Keep your app open – One of the biggest tips to hatch Pokemon eggs, your Pokemon Go game needs to be open and active. This is the only way that the servers will measure the distance you have traveled and credit you with the distance.

Pokemon Go does not use a pedometer – Nowadays step measuring pedometers are everywhere, and easy to implement. Pokemon Go does not use this technology however. Stationary bikes or walkers will not hatch Pokemon eggs for this simple fact.

Speed – One of the common questions asked, most people want to know if you can hatch Pokemon eggs while driving a car. Unfortunately the answer is no, unless you are traveling at a slow speed. Pokemon Go does not count distance if you are traveling over a certain speed.

This is a problem for Pokemon Go players who ride bikes to try and hatch Pokemon eggs. In order to hatch your Pokemon Go eggs, you’ll need to bike slower than 10mph.

Distance is key – Hiking or walking in circles won’t help much if you want to hatch Pokemon eggs. Pokemon Go uses distance tracking to determine how far you have traveled. This means that even if you walked in a zig zag pattern, the app will only measure the distance between the two points, and not the distance you have walked.

Refresh Displacement – Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Go works a lot like Ingress, the game on which it’s based. Ingress uses refresh displacement distance to measure how far you have traveled. This means when your Pokemon Go app refreshes, it’s sending the real time GPS position to the servers.

The next time your Pokemon Go refreshes, it will determine the distance between those two points and credit your accordingly.

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