After a long wait and a few false starts, Pokemon Go debuts in Japan with corporate backing. Two weeks after becoming an instant smash success in the US, Japan get’s the biggest mobile game of all time. It marks the first time Pokemon Go has been available to the country that originated Pokemon to begin with.

Not only that but Japan is also one of the largest smartphone gaming markets as well. Pokemon Go will also be backed by Japan’s McDonald’s restaurants in the first major corporate sponsorship for the mobile game.

Developed by The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs in conjunction with Nintendo’s successful brand, Pokemon Go has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. The game uses location tracking that augments reality and allows players to catch Pokemon real time.

Pokemon Go Japan 1

Now with Japan getting their hands on Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs is preparing to expand their remarkable game. If things go as planned soon we’ll see Pokemon Go debuts headlines in other regions like China and even South America. That’s not to say there isn’t some backlash or problems in other regions.

Players have been downloading the game and installing Pokemon Go unofficially, especially where it’s not yet available. Needless to say without an official release, this has caused some problems. Indonesia for example has banned over 4 million employees from playing at work. Other regions like the Middle East are concerned over imagery and location tracking.

Japan has been ready for the day that Pokemon Go debuts in their homeland. In fact many teachers and parents have already been warning their children and students on how to play Pokemon Go safely. It’s a fair concern now that Pokemon Go debuts in Japan, and there are sure to be Pokemon related accidents and incidents as well.

As Pokemon Go debuts in Japan with corporate backing, you can bet US companies are watching with keen eyes. McDonald’s Japan is setting up battle grounds and will host special events for Pokestops located in all of their 2,900 restaurants. It’s yet another way that Niantic Labs and Nintendo are capitalizing on Pokemon Go. As the game’s first official corporate sponsorship, could Mcdonald’s US follow suit?

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