The single biggest challenge in Pokemon Go is the thrill of finding rare Pokemon. When some of these Pokemon have been spotted, people will stop at nothing to catch them. Some people just don’t have much luck however. If you are one of those people, this guide can help you find Pokemon you are after and catch them as well.

Before you delve into our guide to find Pokemon, we are assuming you already know how to track them. Everybody has their own system when they see Pokemon nearby. Whether you like to walk in a pattern or hunt in groups, there are many different methods to catch Pokemon. Of course if you happen to have the three step bug, tracking them becomes almost impossible.

Learn how to find Pokemon you want, without the need to hunt.

Find Pokemon the easy way

Want to find Pokemon without having to track them down? Thankfully the hardworking group at the PokemonGoDev subreddit has a solution. By decoding the Pokemon Go server API, they’ve successfully been able to reverse engineer the code. By using a web based app or command line prompts, Pokemon Go players can find Pokemon with ease.

Now it’s even easier than ever with websites like Pokevision, all you need is your address. Simply by entering your physical address, you can find Pokemon in an easy to read map.

Update – Pokevision has been shut down in connection to the latest Pokemon Go update. There are several new Pokemon location tools coming down the pipeline, one of the most promising of which is Poketrail, which just entered beta testing.

find Pokemon

There are limitations to using this Pokemon locator however. The scan can only be done once every 30 seconds, and server latency can cause errors. But for those players who can’t find Pokemon, this tool could be a saving grace.

If this Pokemon Go cheat saps the life out of the game and makes it boring to play, it seems to be a danger that many players are willing to risk. What do you think about this tool to find rare Pokemon? Do you think that this Pokemon locator will ruin gameplay for you? Let us know in the comment box below!