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Just a few weeks after the release of Pokemon Go, the game continues to break records. According to a report from Techcrunch, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app in App Store history. Confirmed by Apple, the fact that Pokemon Go has become the world’s biggest mobile game despite being available in only a few countries is impressive.

Initially launching in just the US as well as Australia and New Zealand, Pokemon Go is an undeniable phenomenon. In addition to being the most downloaded app in the first week, Pokemon Go is now available in Canada and now Japan.

Japan is the birthplace of Pokemon and Nintendo, and also happens to be the largest mobile gaming market. In other words, the Pokemon Go craze isn’t going away anytime soon. When you think about the numerous bugs and server issues that have plagued the game, it’s really somewhat of a miracle it’s been so successful.

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In becoming the most downloaded app in the first week in the 8 year history of Apple’s App Store, Pokemon Go is changing the way that people use their smartphones. From creating new safety standards to helping prevent crime, the game has constantly been in the news cycle.

There have been many reports and calculations to try and discover how many people are on Pokemon Go. To the best of most people’s knowledge the number is roughly 55 million US downloads, which is a staggering figure. Now that it’s been confirmed that Pokemon Go is the most downloaded app in it’s first week, it’s a believable number.

This is on top of reports that daily usage of Pokemon Go players exceeds Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Some outlets like SurveyMonkey have pegged the number of active users at 21 million daily users, while other reports like CNET put the number around 21 million.

Whatever the number truly is, there’s no questioning the impact that Pokemon Go has had on our culture. Want more Pokemon Go tips and news? Subscribe to Pokemon Go Den to get the latest daily.