Collecting Pokemon is one thing, but properly leveling up the best choice in your collection is key to victory. But how can you tell which pick is the best Pokemon to level up? That’s what our Pokemon CP level up guide is for, to help you determine who to level up to get the most Combat Points possible.

If you need a CP calculator you can find one here. To pick the best possible attacking Pokemon for battle, our CP level up guide is broken up into sections. These sections help tell you which Pokemon will have the most potential.

CP level up guide 2

Keep in mind that our CP level up guide is a general overview. Each Pokemon’s true potential will vary depending on their IV or Individual Values.

Pokemon CP level up guide

A Class – These are some of the strongest Pokemon in the game, as well as the rarest. Some of these are so uncommon that players have yet to spot these rare Pokemon.

Pokemon CP Per Level Up
Mewtwo 53
Dragonite 50
Snorlax 45
Lapras 43
Mew 42
Moltres 41
Arcanine 40
Vaporeon 40
Gyarados 39
Zapdos 39
Exeggutor 38
Muk 38
Flareon 37
Articuno 37

Using this simple and easy to read CP level up guide, you’ll be able to choose the best Pokemon available.

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The next class of Pokemon will include several uncommon and common monsters. Although they may lack the CP punch you are ideally looking for, they are excellent combatants nonetheless.

CP level up guide 1

B Class – Whether you evolve these Pokemon or find them in the wild, these are much more accessible than the A Class in our CP level up guide. These are not hard to catch Pokemon that can be leveled up and evolved to win battles and take down gyms.

Pokemon CP Per Level Up
Slowbro 35
Victreebel 35
Machamp 35
Poliwrath 34
Clefable 33
Nidoking 33
Venusaur 33
Charizard 33
Golduck 32
Nidoqueen 32
Vileplume 32
Blastoise 32
Omastar 32
Aerodactyl 31
Golem 31
Wigglytuff 31
Dewgong 31
Ninetales 31
Magmar 31
Kabutops 30
Electabuzz 30
Starmie 30
Jolteon 30
Rapidash 30
Pinsir 30
Scyther 30
Tentracruel 30
Weezing 30
Gengar 29
Hypno 29
Pidgeot 29
Rhydon 29
Seaking 29
Kangaskhan 29

These are excellent fighters that can round out your top six when attacking a Pokemon Go gym. Although they won’t pack as much of a punch as the Class A monsters, you shouldn’t overlook them. Finding the right Pokemon to evolve is key when you want the best Pokemon for battle

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C Class – Some of the Pokemon in the next segment of our CP level up guide can be fair fighters when called upon. Although it’s not ideal, the right Pokemon could really save the day. Still, these are known as average Pokemon in our CP level up guide.

Pokemon CP Per Level Up
Primeape 27
Golbat 27
Raichu 27
Cloyster 26
Kingler 25
Tauros 25
Magneton 25
Venomoth 25
Alakazam 25
Tangela 25
Dragonair 25
Arbok 24
Dodrio 24
Growlithe 24
Porygon 24
Machoke 24
Fearow 23
Parasect 23
Sandslash 23
Charmeleon 23
Jynx 22
Lickitung 22
Seadra 22
Marowak 22
Ivysaur 22
Persian 22
Drowzee 22
Electrode 21
Hitmonchan 21
Hitmonlee 21
Mr. Mime 21
Gloom 21
Weepinbell 21
Wartortle 21
Raticate 20
Beedrill 20
Nidorino 20
Ponyta 20
Nidorina 19
Graveler 19
Butterfree 18
Pidgeotto 18
Haunter 18
Exeggcute 18
Eevee 17
Grimer 17
Dugtrio 16
Clefairy 16
Polywhirl 16
Kadabra 16
Seel 16
Koffing 16
Rhyhorn 16
Kabuto 16
Slowpoke 16
Omanyte 16

These are less powerful Pokemon, and you’ll notice many of them are very common. Although they could serve their duty in battle, chances are you will be wasting precious Stardust to level them up. Simply put, these Pokemon don’t have much potential when it comes to our CP level up guide.

The last entry on our CP level up guide is the D Class, and as the name implies they are below average. You may have fun leveling up these Pokemon for whatever reason, but it’s a waste of Stardust in the end.

Pokemon CP Per Level Up
Oddish 15
Machop 15
Farfetch’d 15
Psyduck 14
Goldeen 14
Squirtle 13
Bulbasaur 13
Charmander 13
Drantini 13
Bellsprout 13
Cubone 13
Venonat 13
Onix 12
Vulpix 12
Paras 12
Mankey 12
Magnemite 12
Pikachu 12
Nidoran ♂ 12
Horsea 12
Staryu 12
Ekans 11
Sandshrew 11
Zubat 11
Geodude 11
Gastly 11
Nidoran ♀  


Jigglypuff 11
Meowth 11
Krabby 11
Tentacool 11
Pidgey 10
Doduo 10
Poliwag 10
Shellder 10
Voltorb 10
Ditto 10
Abra 9
Chansey 9
Spearow 9
Rattata 7
Diglett 7
Kakuna 7
Metapod 6
Caterpie 5
Weedle 5
Magikarp 3

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