When you want to take your Pokemon to the next level, you need to understand how Pokemon type works. More important than Combat Points or Attack Power, Pokemon type plays a huge role in damage modifiers. There are several different types of Pokemon, and picking the best Pokemon type based on your opponent can give you a clear advantage.

When you choose the best Pokemon type in battle, you’ll deal more damage. When the toughest gym poses a serious challenge, you’ll need to understand which type of Pokemon gives you the best chance at victory. This gives Pokemon Go an interesting rock, paper, scissors dynamic in battle.

This list counts out the best Pokemon type for each class of Pokemon in the game. This allows you to see which Pokemon are best depending on the type you need. Looking for the advantage in battle or attacking an opposing team gym? Use our best Pokemon type to turn around your fortunes.

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Best Pokemon by Type

The Pokemon that make up our ranking have been compiled from the basic Pokemon stats. Based on type, each Pokemon has been ranked by CP per level, Attack rating, Hit Points and Defense.

Best Pokemon Type for Battle normal

Normal type Pokemon are neutral and can be effective in any battle. Although there’s no inherent weakness or strength to this type, these Pokemon can be a force when properly leveled up. Below are the best Pokemon type for normal that you can take into battle.

Best Pokemon Type Normal Monsters

  1. Snorlax

  2. Wigglytuff

  3. Clefable

Best Pokemon Type for Battle bug

Bug type Pokemon do have their uses, but are not ideal fighters. They are effective against Psychic, Dark and Grass Pokemon. However Bug type Pokemon won’t be able to deal as much damage against the seven other types of Pokemon. This disadvantage makes Bug type Pokemon very specific in effectiveness.

Best Pokemon Type Bug Monsters

  1. Pinsir

  2. Scyther

  3. Venomoth

Best Pokemon Type for Battle poison

Much like Bug type Pokemon, Poison can be effective against just a few types. Useful against Grass type Pokemon, Poison type Pokemon also have their drawbacks. Steel type Pokemon are impervious against Poison attacks, and Rock, Ghost and Ground types have high resistance against Poison. For this primary reason, Poison types can be effective only when used properly.

Best Pokemon Type Poison Monsters

  1. Venusaur

  2. Vileplume

  3. Muk

Best Pokemon Type for Battle grass

Grass Type Pokemon, along with Rock types, have the most weaknesses among all Pokemon types. Ideal grass type Pokemon will be dual types and combine Rock attacks to deal more damage against Bug, Flying, Fire and Ice types.

Best Pokemon Type Grass Monsters

  1. Exeggutor

  2. Venusaur

  3. Victreebel

Best Pokemon Type for Battle water

One of the more effective Pokemon types in Pokemon Go, Water types are excellent fighters. They deal more damage to Fire, Ground, and Rock type Pokemon. There are some Pokemon that have dual weaknesses against Water as well. For this reason Water types are among some of the most powerful Pokemon.

Best Pokemon Type Water Monsters

  1. Lapras

  2. Vaporeon

  3. Gyarados

Best Pokemon Type for Battle fire

Fire type Pokemon are usually weak against Water, but can be effective against Ice and Fairy Pokemon. Resistant against burns, Fire types are also very effective against fighting types. There are just two fire type Pokemon that are resistant to Water types, and they both happen to be legendary Pokemon.

Best Pokemon Type Fire Monsters

  1. Arcanine

  2. Charizard

  3. Flareon

Best Pokemon Type for Battle ground

The Pokemon type known as Ground are extremely effective against Steel, Rock, Fire, and Electric types. Ground type Pokemon do have weaknesses against Ice, Water and Grass type Pokemon however.

Best Pokemon Type Ground Monsters

  1. Nidoking

  2. Rhydon

  3. Nidoqueen

Best Pokemon Type for Battle fighting

Fighting type Pokemon have high defense and can resist Dark and Rock attacks. However other Pokemon like Flying or Psychic type Pokemon will do more damage against these Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Best Pokemon Type Fighting Monsters

  1. Machamp

  2. Poliwrath

  3. Primeape

Best Pokemon Type for Battle rock

Some of the best fighting Pokemon belong to the Rock type. Effective against Ice, Fire and Flying Pokemon, Rock types are especially effective against Bug types. There are just three Pokemon types that have resistance against Rock type, which are Fighting, Ground, and Steel.

Best Pokemon Type Rock Monsters

  1. Rhydon

  2. Omastar

  3. Golem

Best Pokemon Type for Battle electric

Electric type Pokemon is weak against Grass and Dragon type Pokemon, who are both resistant. Best used against Ice types, these electric type Pokemon do not have many inherent weaknesses, making them good fighters.

Best Pokemon Type Electric Monsters

  1. Jolteon

  2. Electabuzz

  3. Raichu

Best Pokemon Type for Battle psychic

Best Pokemon Type Psychic Monsters

The psychic type of Pokemon can deal more damage against Fighting and Poison types. However there are three distinct Pokemon types that are resistant to Psychic attacks, these include Steel, Dark and other Psychic Pokemon.

  1. Slowbro

  2. Exeggutor

  3. Hypno

Best Pokemon Type for Grass flying

Flying type Pokemon are effective against Bug, Fighting and Grass type Pokemon. However these Pokemon don’t fare as well in battle against Steel, Rock or Electric Pokemon types.

Best Pokemon Type Flying Monsters

  1. Dragonite

  2. Gyarados

  3. Charizard

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