Contrary to popular belief, Combat Points isn’t the end all determining factor when it comes to Pokemon Go battle. Many times players head into battle confident with leveled up Pokemon, only to be surprised at how quickly they lost. This is where Pokemon types come into play. Pokemon types are also known as classes, and they play an integral part in combat in Pokemon Go.

When you know what Pokemon types are stronger or weaker, you’ll have more success in battle. Properly planning your top six Pokemon to take into an opposing team gym can make all the difference in the world. When you know which Pokemon is best for the opponent at hand, you are well on your way to winning more battles. Pokemon types are often times more important than many other stats like Stamina, Attack or Defense.

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But which Pokemon are strong against which? Which Pokemon are weak against others? It can be difficult to understand Pokemon types. While some are easy concepts to grasp, such as Fire type vs Water type and so on, many other Pokemon types can be confusing and vague. In order to understand which type of Pokemon to take into battle, check out our Pokemon types chart to see what your Pokemon is strong against.

Pokemon Types Explained

In order to find out which Pokemon type is stronger, or the weaknesses of Pokemon types, scroll down and find the type you are looking for. Each Pokemon type will have the strengths and weaknesses listed next to them.

Normal Pokemon types – These Pokemon do not have an inherent advantage against other types. Normal type Pokemon are weak against: Fighting, Ghost, Rock, Steel

Poison type Pokemon – Poison types are strong against Grass type Pokemon. Some of the weaknesses of Poison type Pokemon include : Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel

Psychic Pokemon types – Strong against Fighting type and Poison type Pokemon. When you are going into combat with a Psychic type, avoid other Pokemon that are Psychic type. Other Psychic type weaknesses include Dark types and Steel type Pokemon.

Rock type Pokemon – These Pokemon are excellent in battle against Ice, Fire, Flying and Bug type Pokemon. Rock Pokemon types are weak against Fighting, Ground, and Steel.

Steel Pokemon type – Charge into battle and enjoy damage modifiers against Ice and Rock types. Your attacks will be less effective against Water, Fire, Water and Steel.

Water Type Pokemon – Enjoy very effective attacks against Fire, Ground, Rock type Pokemon. Water weaknesses include other Water types as well as Grass and Dragon.

Bug Type Pokemon – Excellent against Grass, Psychic, Dark types of Pokemon. Weaker against Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, and Steel.

Dark Type Pokemon – Effective against Ghost and Psychic types. Dark Pokemon types are weak against Fighting, Dark and Steel.

Dragon Type – Strong against other Dragon type Pokemon. Weak against Ice and Steel Pokemon types.

Electric Type Pokemon – Highly effective against Water and Flying type Pokemon. Weak against Grass, Electric, Ground, and Dragon.

Fighting Type – Deal more damage when using this Pokemon in battle against Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel. Fighting type Pokemon are weak against Poison, Flying, Bug, Ghost and Psychic.

Fire Type – Extremely effective against Grass, Ice, Bug and Steel. Fire Pokemon types are weak against Water, Fire, Dragon and Rock.

Flying Type – Powerful against Grass, Fighting and Bug. Flying Pokemon are weak against Electric, Rock as well as Steel.

Ghost Type – These Pokemon types are strong against fellow Ghost types, as swell as Psychic Pokemon. Ineffective against Dark and Steel type Pokemon.

Grass Type – Strong against Water, Ground, Rock. Weak versus Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon and Steel.

Ground Type Pokemon – Enjoy doing more damage against : Fire, Poison, Electric, Rock, and Steel. Weak against Grass, Flying and Bug type Pokemon.

Ice Type – Highly effective against : Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon Pokemon types. Bad against Water, Ice, Fire and Steel.

Still confused? Check our charts on Pokemon Go strengths, and Pokemon Go weaknesses for more.

Now you know which Pokemon is highly effective against which other types. Using this guide you’ll be better at beating gyms and winning in battle.

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