Having trouble in combat or overtaking an opposing gym? Wondering what the best attacks are in Pokemon Go? We make it simple with our easy to read chart, showing you which moves are best in Pokemon Go. These are the best moves in Pokemon Go based on Attack rating, DPS, and move speed.

Of course if you are looking for guides on the best Pokemon to battle with, or which Pokemon type is most effective we have you covered as well. When choosing the best Pokemon to head into battle with, a fundamental understanding of statistics can help.

Pokemon Go best moves

The best moves in Pokemon Go are listed below by type of Pokemon. Make sure to reference our DPS ranking as well if you want more information on how much damage Pokemon do in combat.

Best Moves for Each Pokemon Type

Pokemon Type Primary Move Secondary Move
Normal Lick Body Slam
Poison Poison Jab Sludge Wave
Bug Bug Bite X-Scissor
Grass Vine Whip Petal Blizzard
Water Water Gun Aqua Tail
Ground Mud Shot Earthquake
Fire Ember Flamethrower
Fairy Pound Play Rough
Flying Wing Attack Hurricane
Electric Spark Thunder Punch
Psychic Psycho Cut Psychic
Ghost Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Dragon Dragon Breath Dragon Claw
Ice Frost Breath Blizzard

These moves are the most effective when paired against a Pokemon type that’s susceptible to yours. Pokemon types play a bigger role than Combat Points when it comes to battle in Pokemon Go. When you are planning your next gym takeover, use this chart to see which are the best moves in the game.

By attacking the gym defend Pokemon with the proper Pokemon type, you increase your chances at victory. Have any questions about our guide on best moves in Pokemon Go? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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