Pokemon types play a huge role in determining the outcome of battle. In fact outside of Combat Points, Attack power and the damage of Pokemon special moves, Pokemon type is most important stat. When you want to win more battles, you need to understand Pokemon Go strengths in relation to type.

This will allow you to pick the strongest type against the gym defender in question, increasing your chance at victory. Of course if you are looking for Pokemon Go weaknesses instead, check out our chart here. Like many of our Pokemon Go FAQ charts, this information is broken up by Pokemon type.

Image courtesy IGN
Image courtesy IGN

Use this information to pick the best Pokemon for battle based on the Pokemon Go strengths according to type.

Chart of Pokemon Go strengths by Type

Pokemon Type Pokemon Go strengths
Normal Strong against : None *
Poison Strong against :  Grass, Fairy
Bug Strong against :  Grass, Psychic, Dark
Grass Strong against : Water, Ground, Rock
Water Strong against : Fire, Ground, Rock
Ground Strong against : Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock,Steel
Fire Strong against : Steel, Bug, Ice, Grass
Fairy Strong against : Fighting, Dragon, Dark
Flying Strong against : Grass, Fighting, Bug
Electric Strong against : Water, Flying
Psychic Strong against : Fighting, Poison
Ghost Strong against : Psychic, Ground
Dragon Strong against : Dragon
Ice Strong against : Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon

Because you are allowed six combatants when taking on an enemy gym, you need the right strategy. Reference our Pokemon Go strengths chart to give yourself the best chance at winning in battle. When comparing Pokemon to see which is the strongest, don’t forget to account for other statistics that are important. Only with the right choice in Pokemon type do you stand a chance in combat.

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