Essential to leveling up your Pokemon Go character, experience points are awarded for specific acts in the game. When you are planning to level up fast, or want to understand how Pokemon Go experience works, this chart can help. We’ve broken out each in-game feat, and the amount of Pokemon Go experience the game awards you.

Using a Lucky Egg can double the amount of Pokemon Go experience you receive, making leveling up a breeze. You can also calculate how much experience you need using this chart as well.

Pokemon Go experience 11

Pokemon Go experience chart

Accomplishment Pokemon Go Experience Earned
Visit a Pokestop 50 XP
Visit Large Pokestop 100 XP
Evolve Pokemon 500 XP
Evolve New Pokemon 1000 XP
Hatch a 2km Pokemon Egg 200 XP
Hatch a 5km Pokemon Egg 500 XP
Hatch a 10km Pokemon Egg 1000 XP
Hatch a New Pokemon 500 XP
Train at Friendly Gym 100-1000 XP
Win Gym Battle against one Pokemon 150 XP
Win Gym Battle against two Pokemon 250 XP
Win Gym Battle against three Pokemon 350 XP
Win Gym Battle against four Pokemon 450 XP
Catch New Pokemon 500 XP
Catch a Pokemon 100 XP
Excellent Throw 100 XP
Great Throw 50 XP
Nice Throw 10 XP
Curve Ball 10 XP

If you want to learn more about how to catch Pokemon to boost your Pokemon Go experience, check our guide here. Using these tips can help you get the most out of Pokemon Go, and become a Pokemaster. Earning XP points in Pokemon Go will become much easier once the Pokemon Go Plus is available.

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