Eevee is one of the most flexible Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The small cute furry Eevee is highly sought after by many Pokemon Go players, and for good reason. The amazingly adaptive Pokemon is capable of evolving into many different forms. When you have enough Eevee candy, you can evolve Eevee into some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Eevee hails from the coast of Kalos, and depending on it’s environment can transform into many different Pokemon. Fully grown Eevee stands roughly a foot tall and can weight up to 14.3 pounds. Eevee is not commonly used in combat, but can use two attacks when called upon.

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What makes Eevee so desirable is that it’s not a rare Pokemon, and can be found relatively easily in most areas. Learning how to track Pokemon is easy to do, and with just a little bit of luck you can find enough Eevee Pokemon to evolve. Failing that you can also use a Pokemon locator to nail down specifically where you can catch Eevee.

When you evolve Eevee, you have a chance to get Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon as the next stage of evolution. Most Pokemon Go players simply choose to evolve Eevee and hope to get the Pokemon they want.


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What most players don’t know however is that there’s a evolve Eevee secret that allow you to pick which Pokemon to evolve into.

How To Choose your Eevee Evolution

How To Evolve Eevee

In order to evolve Eevee, you’ll need 25 Eevee candy. You get candy from the Professor when you trade in Pokemon, and when you catch Eevee as well. For more information make sure to check our Pokemon Go game guide. Once you evolve Eevee, you’ll have one of the more powerful Pokemon in the game to attack any opposing team gym.

Eevee can evolve into Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon. All of them are excellent Pokemon Go combatants, and are more than capable of defending gyms. Once you evolve Eevee, you are ready to level up your Pokemon to attack any gym.

All three of the evolved Eevee choices offer different Pokemon types. In order to succeed in combat, you’ll need to understand how types work. Once you’ve picked the right Pokemon type to attack any rival teams out there, you will deal more damage to win in battle.

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