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Believe it or not there is a way to force the specific evolution of Eevee that you want. By renaming your Eevee, you can choose the Pokemon to evolve. These names are based on the original character names from the Pokemon cartoon. As the second part of our evolve Eevee guide, we go over the statistics for each Eevee evolution. Learning all about these evolutions is the best evolve Eevee tip to help you make the right choice.

If you have enough candy but don’t know which Pokemon you want, this guide is here to help. Use the Combat Point rating and attack information to determine which one of the Eevee brothers you want.

Not sure how to specify your Eevee evolution? Check out our guide below.

How to Choose your Eevee evolution

Learning how to evolve Eevee and pick the next stage of evolution is vital to success. When you are having problems attacking a Pokemon Go gym, it’s best to review your Pokemon type strategy. Pokemon type plays a huge role in battle, and can be more important than CP. Use this evolve Eevee tip guide to learn all about the possible evolutions of Eevee.

Best Evolve Eevee tip – Complete statistical chart

Use these Pokemon stats to find the best Pokemon to evolve. When you understand how Pokemon Go statistics work, you will be prepared to win when attacking a Pokemon Go gym. Choosing the strongest Pokemon type is vital when you are headed into battle.

evolve Eevee tip jolteon


Jolteon Statistics Values
Maximum Combat Points 2140
CP per level up 30
Base Attack 192
Base Defense 174
Base Stamina 130
Capture Rate 12%
Flee Rate 6%
Primary Move Thundershock
Primary move DPS 8.33 DPS
Thundershock duration .60 seconds
Secondary move Discharge
Discharge DPS 16.00 DPS
Discharge duration 2.5 seconds
Secondary move 1 Thunder
Thunder DPS 15.12 DPS
Thunder duration 4.30 seconds
Secondary move 2 Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt DPS 18.52 DPS
Thunderbolt duration 2.70 seconds

evolve Eevee tip vaporeonVaporeon

Vaporeon Statistics Values
Maximum Combat Points 2816
CP per level up 40
Base Attack 186
Base Defense 168
Base Stamina 260
Capture Rate 12%
Flee Rate 6%
Primary Move Water Gun
Primary move DPS 20.00 DPS
Thundershock duration .50 seconds
Secondary move Aqua Tail
Aqua Tail DPS 21.28 DPS
Aqua Tail duration 2.35 seconds
Secondary move 1 Hydro Pump
Hydro Pump DPS 15.79 DPS
Hydro Pump duration 3.80 seconds
Secondary move 2 Water Pulse
Water Pulse DPS 9.09 DPS
Water Pulse duration 3.30 seconds

evolve Eevee tip flareon


Flareon Statistics Values
Maximum Combat Points 2643
CP per level up 37
Base Attack 238
Base Defense 178
Base Stamina 130
Capture Rate 12%
Flee Rate 6%
Primary Move Ember
Primary move DPS 9.52 DPS
Ember duration 1.05 seconds
Secondary move Fire Blast
Fire Blast DPS 14.63 DPS
Fire Blast duration 4.10 seconds
Secondary move 1 Flamethrower
Flamethrower DPS 17.24 DPS
Flamethrower duration 2.90 seconds
Secondary move 2 Heat Wave
Heat Wave DPS 15.79 DPS
Heat Wave duration 3.80 seconds

These complete stats for the Eevee brothers is the best evolve Eevee tip when you aren’t sure who to evolve. Carefully planning out your Pokemon gives you the best chance at victory. Use this along with our other guides to optimize your Pokemon trainer.

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