When it comes to battle in Pokemon Go, there are several different factors to consider. Statistics of the Pokemon involved, as well as the elemental types and ratings like attack or defense are all part of the equation. However there’s one more thing that many players overlook. The moves that the Pokemon have at their disposal can sway the balance of battle. In order to understand the most powerful moves in Pokemon Go, this guide breaks down each one.

Much like Pokemon, the most powerful moves in the game are unique. Each one has different damage, duration and speed. By combining the best choice of elemental types, and calculating the speed of the attack, you can determine the damage per second or DPS. When you want to deal the most amount of damage in Pokemon Go, you want the highest DPS attack possible.

There are many powerful moves available to each Pokemon, it’s up to you to choose the right type in order to win. Use this guide to the most powerful moves in Pokemon Go to take your game to another level.

most powerful moves

Ranking the most powerful moves in Pokemon Go

The first bracket of our powerful moves ranking will start with the normal or fast attacks. These attacks are launched by tapping quickly on the screen. These quick attacks are the bread and butter of your Pokemon DPS in combat.

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Normal Moves Type DPS Ranking
Psycho Cut Psychic 26.32 DPS
Mud Shot Ground 21.82 DPS
Scratch Normal 20 DPS
Lick Ghost 20 DPS
Water Gun Water 20 DPS
Metal Claw Steel 19.05 DPS
Shadow Claw Ghost 16.84 DPS
Wing Attack Flying 16 DPS
Pound Normal 14.81 DPS
Frost Breath Ice 14.81 DPS
Vine Whip Grass 15.38 DPS
Bug Bite Bug 13.33 DPS
Dragon Breath Dragon 12 DPS

The next section in our powerful moves guide is the special moves. These are also known as charge moves, and they are performed by tapping for longer periods. When you take the best Pokemon into battle against an enemy team gym, use this ranking to adjust your strategy.

Keep in mind that this powerful moves ranking takes speed into account. If you are looking for the raw DPS value for each special move, check out our other guide.


Special  Moves Type DPS Ranking
Body Slam Normal 32.85 DPS
Cross Chop Fighting 30.94 DPS
Dragon Claw Dragon 30 DPS
Aqua Tail Water 21.81 DPS
Stone Edge Rock 22.18 DPS
Power Whip Grass 21.43 DPS
Iron Head Steel 20.5 DPS
Gunk Shot Poison 20.5 DPS
Brick Break Fighting 21.09 DPS
Sludge Bomb Poison 19.71 DPS
Hurricane Flying 19.22 DPS
Thunderbolt Electric 18.98 DPS
Sludge Wave Poison 18.09 DPS
Psychic Psychic 18.3 DPS
Leaf Blade Grass 18.08 DPS

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