Pokevision will be taken down according to a tweet sent out by PokeVisionGo. The Pokemon Go tracking website had been at the center of controversy since it’s release. The Pokevision shut down has many trainers scrambling for alternatives as they try to locate their favorite Pokemon. Players have benefited greatly from the website that reverse engineered Pokemon Go’s API code to reveal specific locations of your favorite Pokemon.

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Nintendo and Niantic Labs have opposed this tool for quite some time, saying that the tool took the fun out of the game. Others claim that it cut down on the grind that made Pokemon Go so challenging. Whatever side of the fence you are on, the news of the Pokevision shut down has affected hardcore players most.

Current game bugs like the three step glitch have made it almost impossible for most players to track Pokemon properly.

The Pokemon finder tool helped several trainers catch Pokemon, including the elite few that have caught every Pokemon in the game. Although the Pokevision shut down may not be permanent, there’s no stopping others from following in their footsteps.

It’s another development in the way that Pokemon Go players enjoy the game. There’s already a host of online tools available for everyone to use. From Pokemon Go server monitoring tools to CP calculators, Pokemon leveling charts and more, there’s a huge demand for all things Pokemon Go.

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