Pokemon Go is not only the biggest mobile game in history, but it’s daily usage numbers exceed Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. However not all phones are compatible with the augmented reality game. If you are looking for an affordable option among the cheapest Pokemon Go phones, this list can help.

There are many reasons to look at some of the cheapest Pokemon Go phones out there. Whether you want a dummy account or want your kids to play, these cell phones can be an excellent choice for any budget.

Cheapest Pokemon Go Phones Ranked

Best Apple Phones for Pokemon Go – Apple iPhone 4s

In order to run Pokemon Go on any Apple iPhone, you will require iOS version 8.0 or above. As far as the cheapest iPhone for Pokemon Go, the iPhone 4s can still be updated to iOS 9 and beyond, making it one of the best choices.

You can buy a iPhone 4s for as low as $71.99 on Amazon, as shown above. Unfortunately the iPhone 4 isn’t compatible as a Pokemon Go phone.


Best Apple Phones for Pokemon Go – Apple iPhone 5

Although the iPhone 4s is a great choice among cheapest Pokemon Go phones, some people report a higher number of app crashes. Niantic Labs themselves have recommended the iPhone 5 as the recommended option.


In which case, the iPhone 5 is the cheapest Pokemon Go phone choice. Most of the unlocked iPhone 5 cell phones can be purchased for less than $100 dollars. If you are looking for one of the cheapest Pokemon Go phones out there that will continue to be supported, the iPhone 5 is a great choice.

Best Android Phones for Pokemon Go – BLU Advance 5.0

In order to run Pokemon Go, you’ll need a cell phone that will work with Android 4.4 Kitkat and above. The BLU Advance is an Android cell phone that’s got an excellent value, at just $59.99 all you need is a data plan.

The BLU Advance features a large 5 inch display and a decent 4GB of storage, which should be upgraded. You can pick up a cheap SD card to up your memory and increase performance.

Best Android Phones for Pokemon Go – BLU Studio C

The Studio C is another entry on our cheapest Pokemon Go phones countdown. These cheap Android phones come loaded with 5.0 Lollipop and plenty of processing power for Pokemon Go. With more memory than the BLU Advance at 8GB internal memory, you can also upgrade to 64GB total.


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  1. Okay so I recently purchased the Blu Advance 5.5 (I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet so I wanted to know before it came) and I was wondering if Pokémon Go would work on it?

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