Finding the best fighters in Pokemon Go can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Luckily we have you covered with our guides to show you who the best Pokemon is, and even ranking attack DPS. Unfortunately a lot of this information changed after Niantic Labs applied the 0.31.0 Pokemon Go update. Because of the changes to attack values, this caused a shift in Pokemon DPS, especially for Vaporeon.

So if you are wondering what who the best fighter is in Pokemon Go after the update, we’ve got you covered. For a complete chart of DPS changes that took place in the update make sure to refer to our article here. Our best fighters comparison comes to us courtesy the Pokemon Go Reddit community.

The best fighters ranking comes from detailed research done by /u/Professor_Kukui. The new changes to attack values and DPS break up the dueling ability of each Pokemon as shown below. This tier ranking of best fighters in Pokemon Go excludes move sets, and focuses solely on attacking power.

Best Fighters in Pokemon Go Post Update

Class A – These Pokemon are the cream of the crop, and make up the best fighters minus Legendary Pokemon. Whether you are attacking a gym or defending one, these Pokemon should be included in your battle plan.

Best Fighters in Pokemon Go

  1. Snorlax
  2. Dragonite
  3. Lapras
  4. Vaporeon
  5. Arcanine

Of course just because they are statistically the best fighter doesn’t mean they don’t have weaknesses. Learn all about Pokemon type and find out how to take advantage in combat.

Class B – The next tier of Pokemon are definitely powerful but with the new Pokemon Go update don’t quite stack up as the best fighters. Nonetheless, these Pokemon are still very powerful and more than capable of holding their own in combat. For maximum effectiveness when using these Pokemon, make sure to play to their strengths.

Best Fighters in Pokemon Go 1

  1. Exeggutor
  2. Blastoise
  3. Slowbro
  4. Gyarados
  5. Muk
  6. Venusaur
  7. Poliwrath
  8. Nidoqueen
  9. Charizard
  10. Golem

Class C – There’s a definite dropoff between the Class B and Class C Pokemon. These Pokemon can still serve their purpose when properly matched up against the right type, but aren’t effective combatants otherwise. You can catch most of these Pokemon or evolve them as they aren’t rare or overly uncommon.

best fighters in pokemon go 4

  1. Wigglytuff
  2. Golduck
  3. Rhydon
  4. Nidoking
  5. Vileplume
  6. Clefable
  7. Omastar
  8. Dewgong
  9. Victreebel
  10. Tentacruel
  11. Machamp
  12. Flareon
  13. Hypno
  14. Starmie

Class D – The last rung of our best fighters countdown, these Pokemon can still be fairly good fighters. However in order to use these Pokemon effectively, you’ll need to master Pokemon types and match weaknesses of your opponent.

best fighters in pokemon go 8

  1. Pidgeot
  2. Ninetales
  3. Kabutops
  4. Weezing
  5. Aerodactyl
  6. Kangaskhan
  7. Rapidash
  8. Magmar
  9. Sandslash
  10. Jolteon
  11. Cloyster
  12. Parasect
  13. Scyther
  14. Electabuzz
  15. Tauros

Have any questions about our guide? Disagree with any part of this ranking showing the best fighters in Pokemon Go? Leave us a comment below and let us know!